By Robert Ross



Music for Healing Meditation
Tom Koshy
Esoteric Healing
P.O. Box 830503
Richardson, TX 75083
(214) 342-2817

Imagine you're in a Tibetan monastery . . . a peaceful calm permeates the structure .. . the silence is eerie . . . You notice the details, the garden pathway leading up to monastery, an intricate tapestry on the wall, a wood carving, your own breathing . . . time slows as the routines and the humdrum of the outer world are suspended, and then . . . "Gooommm . . . " is heard. The sound is coming from somewhere in the room. It's very soothing. The tone drifts into silence. Again "Gooommm . . . the sound gently wraps itself around your body. It floats into silence. "Goooommm . . . " the cells of your body begin to reverberate in unison . . . "goooommm . . . " a fourth time. The sound is no longer heard somewhere else. It seems to originate from within . . . and from without, as the separateness of self dissolves. Seven times, the gong is sounded.

The "Power of Om" is a recording of vocal music using the sacred sound "om" for healing meditation. The recording starts with the deep sound of a gong being struck seven times followed by four tracks of chanting the sound "Om."

Tom Koshy, who conceived, directed and sang the chants, has been a student of ancient Vedic scriptures, meditation and esoteric healing from childhood. The creation of the CD was consistent with Mr. Koshy's spiritual beliefs. According to Tom "the group who did the 'The Power of Om' came together by the grace of God."

The "Power of Om" is totally intuitive music. There are no musical notes written and there was no prior rehearsal of the music. The artists just allowed the music to flow through them during recording.

Listening to the Power of Om is, to say the least, a meditative experience. With Mathew McGregor on guitar, Kevin Lovejoy on piano, Poovalur Srinivasan on mridangum and Jason Litt on keyboard, the group stays musically focused in the moment, presenting a melodic experience which creates a peaceful environment conducive to meditation and quiet relaxation.

When asked his vision for the "Power of Om," Mr. Koshy responded "My vision for the music is that those who listen to the music gain insight into themselves and in that process go through a self-healing process. The sound "om" encompasses all sounds and if one listens to it with openness, a healing process automatically takes place through the sympathetic vibration of the higher notes in his/her being. With the right attitude and intent, you open yourself for what I call Grace."

For body workers, healers, meditators, or anyone interested in spiritual/contemplative music, "The Power of Om" belongs in your collection.

"The Power of Om" is produced by Mathew McGregor . . A Shadow Tribe Production. For more information or to purchase the music please send $15/CD and $10/Cassette to: Tom Koshy, Esoteric Healing, P.O. Box 830503, Richardson, TX 75083-0503, or call 1-888-263-0233, Ext. 3792 (Fax 972-490-7452), or visit

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