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Debbi Gillespie
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" I choose to live a life where I wake up in the morning and am happy to be alive. I want to love my job, my family, friends, and my hobbies. I want to be in the moment always. I want to dance, paint and play. I want to discover things I love to do. I want to look back on my life when I'm very old and know I've lived a life of passion"
           - Debbi Gillespie, owner of "Passions Into Actions" 

Debbi Gillespie is a Personal Development Coach. A Personal Development Coach is a cross between a counselor, therapist and "personal trainer" for the heart, spirit and mind. Her coaching is a powerful supportive tool that can assist people in creating a life of productivity, fulfillment and passion. In the process, she uses many specialized skills. The skill used most often by a Personal Development Coach is listening. This "listening" is usually done once a week on the phone. One half hour is the standard time allotted to a session. And if you have a coach like Debbi Gillespie, more often then not, that one half hour will result in Passions being discovered, and then put Into Actions.

As often happens with many creative and successful people, Debbi Gillespie's journey to uncovering her own passions and career as a Personal Development Coach was a bit rocky at times. According to Debbi, "It didn't matter what others thought, I was on a mission to find my heart's desire."

Debbi began her career as a preschool teacher running a family day care center out of her home. After about a year and a half, she found that she had a craving for adult conversation and needed to get out of the house. Again, according to Debbi, "I still had a yearning to find the most meaningful 'job'. Although I was married, a mom, and loved it, I still wanted to do more, to be more." In order to find that perfect job, Debbi spent the next few years working for four different entrepreneurs from their homes.

Her first stop was with Tom Youngholm, author of "The Celestial Bar," where Debbi learned some valuable lessons about "universal principles" and how to work with them in her life. She also learned how to enhance her psychic abilities. But mostly, states Debbi, "I learned about the importance of staying on my spiritual path, following my heart, and being true to myself."

Debbi went on to work with three other successful entrepreneurs, each with their own unique lessons and values for Debbi to observe and learn.

It was during this period that Debbi noticed that she still had an unfulfilled part of herself. She wanted to express her "genius" as she stated. She wanted to know what her passion was. So she wrote a list of her strengths, the kind of environment she wanted to work in, and the kind of people with whom she wanted to work. A few days after making this list, two different people said to her that she would make a good "coach." After some inquiries as to what a Personal Development Coach was, Debbi ended up working for a company (Coach for Life) that trains people how to become Coaches. Working with "Coach For Life" allowed Debbi to develop her skills as a coach, first by taking their classes, and second by surrounding herself with successful coaches from whom she could learn.

Debbi is now a full time coach, calling her company Passions Into Actions. She describes it as a partnership of actualizing possibilities and dreams. Again according to Debbi "I work with people who want to accelerate what it is they want in their life, who want to be true to themselves, and are willing to speak from their heart."

Debbi has found her niche and when asked to describe her thoughts about her livelihood, Passions into Actions she stated "I know that this is one of the things I am here to do. I have never been as fulfilled in my work as through my coaching. After meeting with my clients in person or coaching on the phone, I am energized, motivated, happy and my heart feels full."

If you'd like to know more about Passions Into Action, call Debbi Gillespie at (619) 698-9462 for a free consultation.

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