Meera Devi Lecture
By Deborah Ruth



The philosophy of Divine love is an eternal teaching that is always available in the world to inspire and uplift us, and to guide us to the experience of Divine love. That Divine knowledge is available to anyone of any culture because all the souls of the world are longing to experience Divine love.

You are not only physical, you are essentially divine. It is a scientific axiom that you cannot create or destroy any energy. Your soul is a divine energy. You cannot be satisfied by any amount of material name, fame, or wealth, or any amount of material knowledge, because your soul can only be satisfied with that which is perfect. As long as you confine and limit yourself to only material experience, then your true divine nature is never satisfied.

You have a constant call from within for perfection. When did this search for perfection begin? Since eternity. Since the time when even time did not exist. Time and space are material factors. Soul is beyond time and space factors, but material mind and body are under the influence of time and space. Time, every moment, is having its effect. Every moment your material body is aging. Every moment your material mind is causing a degree of dissatisfaction. But your soul is only longing for perfect love. The Vedas tell us that perfect love is God. Through God's Grace you can receive that perfect love and cross the field of material limitations forever.

How to receive God's Grace? First you must realize your eternal relationship with God. That relationship needs to be revitalized and enriched. Jagadguru Shankaracharya gives a very beautiful analogy to explain our relationship to God. He says, "Look at the ocean, the vast ocean. In the ocean there are many, many waves. The waves are an integral part of the ocean. But a single wave does not constitute the whole ocean. The waves in the ocean are substantially the same. Waves make up the body of the ocean, but a single wave is not the ocean." So he compares that situation to the situation of soul and God.

There is one single God who resides within every soul and there are innumerable individual souls who are desiring perfect happiness. So, although your soul is divine, you are not God. Through God's Grace you could become like God and become blissful forever.

There are moments when you feel happy, but our experiences of happiness in this world are fading. That is why we keep changing the field of our activity. We keep trying to get new knowledge in different aspects. We keep trying to entertain ourselves in different ways. We change our looks, we change the locality where we live, we change our job, our profession, we change things in our relationships, we try different things because we are not satisfied.

You can experience perfect happiness and Divine love, but you cannot attain it on your own. You can only receive it with the Grace of God.

God is not just an abstract energy. God is your nearest and dearest friend. Divine-love-consciousness means reviving and enriching your personal relationship with God, who is not only within, but is omnipresent everywhere. Devotion is consciously feeling the personal presence of your beloved God close to you in your daily life.

Divine-love-consciousness is the eternal path of love, of dedication, and of openness to Divine Grace. The same Divine Grace is imbued in the names of God which are revealed in the Vedic scriptures. Remembering these names with love and dedication develops affinity in your heart for your Divine Beloved, and gives you the experience of soul contentment which you were longing for since eternity.

The path of Divine-love-consciousness is taught by H.D. Swami Praka-shanand Saraswati. Shree Swamiji is a highly respected spiritual teacher from Vrindaban, India and is the founder of the International Society of Divine Love (I.S.D.L.). Barsana Dham, the main center of I.S.D.L., is located in Austin, Texas. The Society has centers in San Diego, Santa Cruz, Menlo Park and Los Angeles where regular devotional meetings are held every Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. These meetings are open to the public.

Shree Swamiji will be visiting Los Angeles from June 21-24, 1997. For further information, call (310) 471-5559.

Deborah Ruth is a successful massage therapist focusing on the needs of women and their families. Her column, "Jewels in Our Big Backyard" focuses on presenting Real Men, Women and Children who are 'jewels of inspiration, or innovation'. If you would like to recommend a person, or a place, please e-mail at DEBODEVO@NEWCIV.ORG , or call (818) 346-1128.

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