By Christopher Thornhill, Age 8




Written and Illustrated
by Heather Anne Bausch
The family in the book got bugs everywhere in their house. So they called the bug guy to kill the bugs with poison. The poison killed the bugs but then the family had even more problems.

The dad lost a lot of weight, the mom couldnt sleep, the sister constantly sneezed, and the brother couldnt stop eating. They all had to see a doctor.

They had a chemical sensitivity. The doctor said they had to take a lot of vitamin C, and they would have to move away from their home. This helped them get better.

Big people need to use natural things instead of poison. Stuff like jalapeno peppers and Mountain Dew recipes wont hurt humans but it will keep the bugs away. You can make your own Jalapeno Pepper spray. Mix ground peppers in a quart of water. Boil for 15 minutes and let stand overnight. Strain and add more water. Put in spray bottle and spray in sidewalk cracks and in doorways. Ants hate this and wont walk on it. Dont spray it in your eyes.

Please help me tell everyone about this so they wont get sick. We had a bug service, but now we called and canceled. I have asthma and this may be why. We are going to go natural. My grandma says that if you teach the kids, when they grow up, they will make the right choices. Please teach your kids.

By the way, plant experiment update. The one we talked to grew bigger. I dont understand it, but it worked! I liked the experiment, but I really dont want to talk to the plants any more. My grandma said shed do it for me.

EDITORS NOTE: Heather is a young woman who spent most of her life in the hospital as a direct result of prolonged exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Her father is in commercial agriculture. 953 MILLION pounds of pesticides are used each year. Suburban homes use more pesticides per acre than farmers do on their fields!

Heather has spent the last four years researching the harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides while making herself well the natural way. Now at age 24 she lives in an environmentally-friendly home, promotes awareness through speaking, consulting, writing and illustrating. She has won countless awards in art and childrens books.

SOMETHINGS BUGGY is the first in a series to help educate children about todays environmental issues. It has the endorsement of Vice President Al Gore, Doris Rapp, M.D., and Sam Speers, G.I. Joe Inventor.

Contact her for a presentation at your school. YOUTH TRUTH BOOKS 14589 Universal Drive Dubuque, Iowa 52003. (319) 583-5770.

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