Arch-Enemy of Arthritis and More
By Clint DeWitt



Ericssons Coral Calcium sand is collected from the unique coral reefs around the Japanese islands of Okin-awa and Tokunoshima. These islands' inhabitants included the oldest recorded man alive (120) and these islanders have the longest lifespans and lowest incidents of serious illnesses such as cancer, arthritic conditions, heart disease and digestive problems.

These particular islands were built up from the coral reefs. When rain falls on the islands, it percolates through coral ancient coral deposits and picks up minerals and other elements that make it truly unique. Not only does it contain many essential minerals, it is also very similar chemically to the human skeleton.

The Japanese, careful not to disturb or damage any of the living coral, extract, pulverize and treat this Sango coral sand, enriched with valuable minerals and trace elements from the sea. The coral is then packaged in one gram tea bags. When placed in water or any non-carbonated liquid, its high concentration of calcium and magnesium carbonates raise the liquid's pH level (more alkaline).

Research strongly suggests that over a period of weeks, the Ericssons Alka Mine Coral Calcium helps to benefit and change the body's water content, which makes up 70% of the body and 90% of the blood, helping to remove toxins, raise the alkaline content (thereby reducing acidity) and improve the autoimmune system.

I owned and operated a 27,000 square foot athletic club for 19 years. I began selling Ericssons Coral Calcium, and in a one year period I had helped more people than I had in 19 years in the Health Club business. Personally, I was seeing my chiropractor two to three times per month on an ongoing basis due to severe back problems. Within six weeks I felt much better. It has now been more than 18 months and I have not needed to return to the chiropractor. My mother experienced severe knee arthritis which woke her up every night for years. It was caused by a hip replacement several years ago. After taking the Coral Calcium, she began sleeping through the night without pain.

Not wanting to jump into anything too quickly, I took a trip to visit the Ericssons Preventive Medical Group in Gutenberg, Sweden last summer. I found they were doing business in almost every country in the world. After talking with Swedish MDs and returning with a book entitled Coral Calcium, Arch-Enemy of Arthritis, by Liz Hodgkinson, I am very confident in representing the Coral Calcium.

Over the past 18 months I have found that Coral Calcium helps to balance the body's pH and may help people with many conditions feel better: hietal hernias, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, low energy, hyperacidity, indigestion and plain old hurts and pains from old car or sports injuries.

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