By Sandy Gostel Perkins



By Taylor Morris
Taylor Morris, Professor Emeritus at Franklin Pierce College, listened to the message from the sparrows. And in true Sufi style, he learned from it. What melodious song did Professor Taylor hear that led him to his current work? I dont know, but I give homage to the one who sang it and the one who listened.

The writing style in MESSAGE FROM THE SPARROWS is a glimpse into the classroom of the Professor. We sit in with the students who examine, study, observe and experience the phenomena of human condition.

What Professor Morris finds missing in our educational system is the lack of connection between what is being taught and what it means to your life. He sites examples of brilliant students who excel in learning their chosen majors. Then they graduate and have a head-on collision with life. They have no idea who they are or what they want.

The perfect opportunity of learning was not offered. He teaches his class away from the classroom. He states, "So, when I tell you to get out of school, I am talking about your minds and, as well, unlearning what 'they' have done to you, under the pretext of education." That's a pretty tough statement to have in the front of a book. After reading MESSAGE FROM THE SPARROWS you understand. We are given many familiar quotes to read. Then the real fun begins. What did you just read? What did it mean for you? What did it do to you? The Professor messes with our minds.

What about your thoughts? The Professor continues, "What if we think were awake but were really asleep? We operate from the standpoint of thinking were awake, but were really not? Or put it in a more verifiable way: What if we think were healthy and the x-ray shows lung cancer? What good did our thinking do? We can fool ourselves into believing something and we have the real reaction to something that is not real at all. . . .we have to pause over this because this is the human condition. . . ". Then the Professor ends this with an assignment - "IS DEATH OUR CONCEPTION OR OUR CONDITION? Write on that."

What I personally gained from reading THE SPARROWS was a new way of looking at the old things that I had been taught and that I believed. Its not just questioning things. Its taking it in; finding what it means; then facing yourself and deciding what you will now do with this knowledge.

There are many examples of interaction with the students. We can see their struggle to grasp the meaning. We are allowed to share in their thoughts and insights. And if we are wise, we will learn.

Heartsfire Book Publishing, 500 N. Guadalupe St., Suite G-465, Santa Fe, NM 87501 Tradepaper, $12.95.

Honoring the Free Spirit Within
By Elke Siller Macartney
In a time when the shelves are filled with "how-to" books, it is refreshing to come upon a book that just encourages us to be who we are. Elke Siller Macartney has discovered through her years of study and background in anthropology and psychology that "We already are what we most want to be. In this book we find the love and courage to be it."

BE YOURSELF BOLDLY asks just that, believe in yourSelf (ibit). Elke believes that awareness is the realm of infinite possibility. Outside our boxes of limited perceptions, awareness is unbounded and unrestricted. When we can distinguish our learned response from our knowing response, our being is not bounded by the confines of time or space.

When we are in touch with our true natures, we are no longer dependent on our circumstances to be fulfilled. Our own integrity keeps us alert to the subtleties in life. Elke states the key to living a successful life is in your integrity to your Being. If we operate from a contracted ego, we fan the flames of righteousness and separation. The expanded ego on the other hand participates fully in the creation of a positive reality. Our emotions, when repressed, deprive us of safe outlets. We must learn to heed our emotions as wellness indicators of our mind, body, and spirit. When you pay attention in the now to your feelings, you can determine the underlying lesson.

BE YOURSELF BOLDLY helps us to understand relationship and being connected to the moment. Elke has an effective way of defining intimacy. She uses "in-to-see-me". We are all social beings, relationship is very important for us. We dont want to be labeled or defined. We want to be embraced for who we are - seen for who we are. And we must offer the same in return. By understanding our own belief system, where it came from and if it is working, we can break free from our barriers and respond to the new information and possibilities presented to us.

The more aware and awake we become, the more we open up to new dimensions and layers of our consciousness. We operate from a different level. We dont enter into alarm, drama, crisis, and hopelessness. Those negative ways keep us in the "Aint It Awful Club".

To quote from Elke, "Opening your heart to your own inspirations is a lovely prelude to a life of wonder. You will feel truly alive when you listen to your hearts song."

Voyage Publishing, P.O. Box 1386 Anacortes, WA 98221 $9.95.

By Patrice Karst
We are all aware of the sorry state many things in which the world appear to be. Many of us wonder how this can be if there truly is a God. In a light and profound way Patrice Karst has written a little book with a big impact. She offers us insights and reminders of those things we all know, but somehow forget along the way.

It is the perfect gift to cheer someone up, including yourself. When GOD MADE EASY was given to me, I laughed at its size and the promise of its title. Well, it came through. I smiled the whole time I read it. And when I was through I wondered why I keep forgetting how simple it really is.

Patrice allows for the differences in the perception and practice of different faiths. After all, it all comes down to one basic truth, and we can all say "peace, shalom, namaste, amen" to that.

Published by Warner Books Hardcover $6.95.

Two books that should make us pause and think
By Sandy Gostel Perkins

Inside the CIAs Stargate Program
By David Morehouse

The Secret History of Americans Psychic Spies
By Jim Schnabel

In our fascination of OBEs (out of body experiences) and NDEs (near death experiences) we tend to embrace the wonderful, spiritual experience, and forget that there could be a more worldly aspect to this type of phenomena. Like most people, I have enjoyed learning about psychic occurrences and having these experiences. But I have discovered there are other things out there that can get pretty involved.

For those of you who havent seen the media blitz of the last few years, there is a technique called Remote Viewing. This ability has caught the attention of more than just spiritual seekers. In fact, some of the people involved do not necessarily believe it is spiritual. I am referring to the CIAs use of remote viewers for the purpose of espionage and covert operations. The program was called Stargate.

My first impulse, being the emotional trampolinist that I am, was to be upset. When I calmed down I started to research this for myself. I found this technique is a process developed at the SRI in Palo Alto, California by Ingo Swann. His abilities were so accurate that he caught the attention of the government and was given a grant to develop it further.

The trainees went through months and sometimes years of perfecting their abilities. The experiments resulted in some very impressive accuracy rates. The viewers would be given coordinates, go through their method of "leaving their bodies" and be able to accurately describe what they were seeing, feeling, smelling, etc. The development continued along the road of exploration and the viewers were sent into the past, into the future, and even attempted visits to other parts of the Universe.

Well, of course, my outrage turned to excitement. Think of all the ways this technique could benefit mankind. We could find missing children. We could solve crimes. We could even locate disease within a body. As I pondered, I suddenly realized the im-pact it would have on me to actually experience watching someone being brutally harmed or murdered. What would it do to a person to constantly be placed in that position? What damage would result on a persons physical and emotional being? I knew I needed to talk with someone experienced, and who still remained intact. Someone I could trust.

My quest led me first to the book PSYCHIC WARRIOR by David More-house. I found it at Barnes & Noble (my home away from home). It was located in the science fiction aisle, which surprised me since it is promoted as a true story. It is written by one of the participants in the Stargate Program. The cover jacket confirmed that this was a true story. David More-house is a third-generation army officer with a long list of military commendations. I read the book with interest and expectation. I found the story to be a wonderfully fictionalized account of a true experience, the 'non-fiction' novel as some publishers call it.

Captain Morehouse did indeed participate in something extremely intense. However the effects of being a "viewer" almost cost all that was precious to him. I understand that PSYCHIC WARRIOR is being made into a movie. It will make a great action film (although Im not sure I agree with the 'rumored' actor who will play Capt. Morehouse).

But I wanted something a little closer to the facts. I turned to the Internet. My perseverance paid off. I found another member of the program who agreed to correspond with me. He is Ret. Major Paul Smith.

Paul requested I read another book, REMOTE VIEWERS, by the journalist Jim Schnable. Jim is a science writer and has published in THE WASHINGTON POST, DISCOVER, NEW SCIENTIST, and other publications of note. The book is told in true journalist style, and I believe the author kept his objectivity. If you want to know the nitty-gritty of Stargate, I believe you will not be disappointed with this account. What of the other 'viewers'? What happened to them, their families, and their lives? Well, unfortunately some of them died before their time. Some, like David Morehouse, broke under the strain. A few have set up businesses to utilize their abilities for the general public. Some teach the technique, which costs about $3,000 for a weeks training session.

Fortunately there are those like Paul Smith. He and the others managed to keep their perspective on life through their stint with the bomb searches, time warps, burning soldiers, and other atrocities. Paul is mentioned in both books. Both authors write of him with respect. Paul is in the process of setting up his own corporation. The information he has shared with me is reflective of the person I read about in the two books. He is honest and open in his representation of what a person can gain and expect from his training.

I have many questions regarding ethics and dangers. Paul is still in the process of sending me information. Since I work in the mental health field, my mind has concocted many ways I hope the technique will work for our clients. But we are proceeding cautiously.

Both books leave a sobering effect when you realize that privacy may soon be lost. In the wrong hands, diabolic deeds can result. And according to both books, a viewer can actually communicate with someone he is viewing on a level that is beyond the physical. Information can be obtained and the individual is not even aware he is giving it. Even more sobering is the possibility that the viewer can impart illness and death.

This has been an awakening for me. It has a 'beyond big brother feel.' However, I also recognize the positive side and can not deny its lure. In the hands of responsible people Remote Viewing can play a productive role in our future. Read the books for yourself - PSYCHIC WARRIOR for entertainment and REMOTE VIEWERS for awareness.

Psychic Warrior is published by St. Martin's Press and is available in hardcover for $23.95 at your local bookstore. Remote Viewers is published by Dell Books and available in paperback for $5.99 at your local bookstore.

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