Voices of Hope
The Magnetics of Passion
(Inspired by The Magdalen Manuscript
By Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion)
By Audrey Hope



She holds within her . . . the secret mysteries of creation and the alchemical keys of transform-ation . . . through the act of sexual love. HER BODY IS THE WAY . . . This is the lost secret of the ages.
For 2000 years they veiled her in shame to hide the truth the elevation of consciousness, the way to god realization begins with sacred sex . . . through her. The church stole it . . . her power as explosive as a volcano.

Sex magic is the transformation of sexual energy into enlightenment. Its higher purpose is to collect energy in the body for alchemical change,  to use the energy of passion to release the magnetic energy within the cells and charge the KA body (the etheric body). When this happens, there are radical changes in perceptions, inner light and brain chemistry. Ecstasy is the fuel.

This magic is not for everyone. To enter its power, male and female must command the sacred relationship of honesty and truth. Both must agree to walk through the alchemical fire of purification to dare to be a better self. One must face their darkness to fly above mediocrity and get to the higher light.

The rules she must be loved and adored, and safe to let go, and he must agree to nest in her energy fields . . . and not run. Then through SACRED SEX, THE MAGIC OF ISIS.

Magnetic fields are created by foreplay and touch. The etheric KA body begins to activate. The life force in the pelvis begins to move up the spine (the black serpent energy of the moon on the left, and the gold serpent energy of the sun on the right.)  This powerful serpent energy crosses each other through the 7 seals (chakras) and meets in the center of the head. This energy opens up the brain circuits. Then the serpents face each other at the pineal gland. The heat of the internal fire, RA, causes the red and white drops to fall down from the crown. This is the sacred nectar. It is the joining of the male and female KA bodies that causes her to open up her magnetic floor. If she feels safe in the shuddering, a tremendous vortex opens. After orgasm, her fields spiral and circulate. If both stay in the vibration and nest in it, they will receive the new spiritual power of the magic.

This is why they raped her for centuries and edited her out of history and kept her quiet. To keep out the truth that...
Through these portals, one enters the feminine mysteries of creation.

Sacred Sex is the path to god.

Through her the grail.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives

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