Quantum Physics & Prophecy:
Spiritual Truth or Spiritualized Ego?
By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa



The purpose of Authentic Prophecy is to grow in Love! As we describe in our book, Sacred Union, The Journey Home, when Kira Raa first began leaving her body to allow the Angelic entrance, loving guidance and wisdom from the Archangels stimulated true soul-recognition for us. In fact, when any of us finally come face-to-face with profound spiritual truth, we then learn how skeptical the spiritualized ego can become!   

All egos separate us from true understanding. Trust is the essential quality required for true spiritual progress. Without trust one can not expand beyond the boundaries of the spiritualized ego.

There are many dramatic predictions and prophecies available. As people open to higher dimensions they can indeed bridge time and touch higher truth, yet they then filter that information back through their egos. This results in a distortion, a blend of the divine glimpse and earth-based egoic concepts. How do you decide what’s true? Know your heart can decode the truth!

When direct Angelic communion was first offered to me, my skepticism flared and my spiritualized ego demanded proof! I asked Zadkiel: “How does one know if information is from the highest source?” The following book passage offers us all the loving guidance to decode Prophecy:

Archangel Zadkiel: 
“You simply ask yourself, does the information enrich my soul in a manner that allows my experience to grow ever greater in love and acceptance? Does information prohibit me from my own experience and thoughts, and try to impress upon me a manner that is uncomfortable and feels dictated or structured to the point that I am no longer expressing authenticity and love? Does the information ask me to judge? For if the answer to these questions is “yes”, then it is not truly of the Elohim.

Authenticity will always be recognized by the lack of judgment and by the enhancement of the love and the recognition of the Self. If anything does not resonate as comfortable, you move on... Ask yourself, does the message provide the opportunity to be of service? If it is ever a message that would inspire you to harm others, to judge others, to create a structure of higher or lower, than it is not of love; it is that simple!  Each must answer those questions for themselves.Love all expressions. For all expressions serve the soul’s evolution.”

All prophetic information delivered from spiritual truth must be, and can only be, of love!

You have right inside your chest The Prophecy Decoder, your sacred heart! Bring your hand to your heart and simply ask yourself: Does this information inspire me to a greater acceptance of life and our role in the universe?  ... or do I feel fear? For if the information inspires fear, it is contaminated by density-consciousness, and it is not fully of the Divine.

Soon the people of earth will be given the gift of reunification with other spiritual beings having their own “adventures in density” (experiences in a body)! When the irrefutable evidence and contact with this other-worldly intelligence occurs, what will happen?  Will you fear these beings, or will you celebrate the opportunity to expand the boundaries of perception? Haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many NASA probes being sent to Mars? Soon the fact that Mars was once populated will be revealed to the public. This information will give us the opportunity to expand our metaphysical paradigm.

Columbus expanded the reach-es of the known world for medieval Europe and by expanding the paradigm, he opened the collective consciousness of that time. This “discovery”, the expansion of the world view, unleashed a time of prolific creationism called the Renaissance! Whenever we expand beyond known ways of perceiving and understanding we call in a quantum leap. How will you respond to irrefutable evidence that we are not alone in the universe?  Can you find Joy in galactic reunification and the opportunity of new understandings?

The earth is spinning faster, a scientific fact. Our atmosphere is being bombarded by galactic radiation, sun spot activity, photons and other energies at a pace never before experienced. These are the scientific symptoms of galactic change. Political, social and psychic structures are dissolving. We are witnessing an energetic shift from the inside out! That is, the third dimensional earth-based consciousness is opening to the fifth dimension, a galactic consciousness.

These higher frequency energies can not be integrated into fear-based consciousness without generating instability. The time of the quantum leap approaches. The Mayan calendar offers some conceptual understanding of these times. Regardless of your beliefs, it seems “we are not in Kansas any more” — our planet is indeed shifting, shaking and offering a springboard to new levels of being! Higher frequency energies are stabilized only by the energy of love. As more and more people wake-up to their spiritual authenticity, they must also activate their ascended hearts.

From the heart we can be at peace with a changing outer world. Only the heart can hold true stability in times of chaos. From the heart we can cultivate trust in our spiritual essence and allow divine guidance to assist our choices.

Or, as stated by Archangel Zadkiel:
“Love ALL expressions. For all expressions serve the soul’s evolution. Your soul, once on its path, will recognize and honor all paths. They do not need to be your path. It is not imperative that all paths be the same!  How boring that would be, no?  It is a joyous time of reunion!”

Wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa are authors of “Sacred Union: The Journey Home”. International speakers and Spiritual teachers, they document the teachings and prophecies of the Archangels at the TOSA Center for Enlightened Living in New Mexico. Learn more and read current messages at  www.selfascension.com

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