Love Talk with Tilak
By Laurel Airica



“All of life is about only one thing — relationships,” says the spiritual transformer known simply as Tilak. “And we are born to fall in love.

“Most of the time we think of falling in love as the ultimate experience. We can’t even imagine anything beyond that. What is there more than love? — we wonder. But what there is, is an overflow of love.

“Ultimate Love — which can be a million, billion times stronger than love between two people — is the realization of Reality. That’s the true falling in love – not with life but through life into Infinity.”

Who is Tilak?
Tilak’s words would be mere promises of exquisite possibilities if he did not also have the power to catalyze these energies in others. A native of Sri Lanka, everything he teaches and facilitates derives from his direct experience with multi-dimensional realities.

Throughout his growing up years, as he playfully (and ‘naughtily’) explored and expanded his inborn capacities, Tilak regularly demonstrated abilities defying the principles of physical reality his father was teaching at the nearby university. Fortunately, however, both his physics professor father and devout Buddhist mother supported his process of divine Self-discovery by providing a safe and loving environment with minimal interferences.

As he grew to maturity, Tilak’s gifts for precipitating and accelerating positive changes in others made him a spiritual celebrity in his own country and the subject of scientific inquiry in Europe and the U.S. Over the last four decades, his highly activating transmissions of physically perceptible light have assisted thousands of people around the globe to gain greater access to their own brilliant inner illumination. As a consequence, Tilak has received recognition and accolades from academic, medical and spiritual centers throughout the world.

Tilak describes himself as “A travel agent who will take you to places you have never been before.” He characterizes his transmission as “a needle point of light through breath that pierces the body so that the inner light can emerge and break the boundaries created by our stories.”

In the words of best-selling author Wayne Dyer, “Tilak brings spiritual energy into the body that you haven’t experienced before… He brings his gift of lightness to where heaviness has persisted for too long.” Having personally experienced three highly illuminating and liberating transmissions from Tilak, I interviewed him to discover his perspective on intimate relationships. What follows are excerpts from the many beautiful words he shared with me.

No Boundaries
We are made of lust — of flaming desire — and we are made to ignite. Without the red fire of lust, we would never come out of our sleepiness and darkness to see the wholesome nature of life.
Human relationships begin with this first hot fire. Through our lovemaking — if we don’t go to sleep directly afterwards — we can ride the energy into another space and experience a world of no boundaries. Our access to this world comes through the blue fire of recognition and appreciation that ignites the heart.

Having no boundaries is what we envision when we think of being free of a human body and exploring other dimensions. When we experience no boundaries in a body whose capacity to express is bound by limitations, then the deeper fire of appreciation — the purple fire — can hit us hard and open us into a realm of extraordinary experience.

It is through our open hearts that we can encounter beautiful, non-physical beings who exist on a higher frequency — as well as energies and intelligences that are beyond the range of normal human perception, but that can enrich human life immeasurably.

Elemental Relationships
We don’t really know what non-personal relationships are. Yet all of Nature’s elements and forces are within us. And we can interact with them and experience something so sweet it delights us and changes our life.

Very few people are aware that we can unite with the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space, and that they can provide us with the highest intensity of intimacy that a person can experience. One of the deepest pleasures and joys available to a human body comes through extending our recognition and appreciation into other worlds and then letting ourselves get carried away.

This is not something we can just work on to achieve — just as you can’t forcibly love somebody. It’s a natural force that emerges within you only through love.

Not many have accessed the highest degree to which we can experience emotional, romantic or sensuous Love. Yet, far beyond that is the fire of Pure Unconditional Love, which erupts not as reaction or response to anyone or anything and which has no reference point.

Loving without Limits
In our personal relationships we love somebody because something in return comes to us. Even in highly romantic situations, we are selfish. This is human nature.

But we can grow conscious of this and go out of our way to love somebody totally, deeply and outrageously — out of the deepest fire and passion we have. Then, we can break free of our selfishness and self-centeredness.

The only way we can really hold onto somebody is in this free space — where we are gliding together, not fused together. If we are fused we cannot fly for very long before we come crashing down.

Real love comes only out of freedom, choice, appreciation and wonder. Commitment and dedication can’t be achieved through a legal contract. You are committed because you want to be — because you love somebody so much you don’t want to be with anyone else.

Falling through Love into Wonder and Joy
Falling in love suggests a sweet surrender in which the other person becomes a portal for us to see the Infinite. This makes all our relationships sacred relationships because they ignite the fire of intimacy within us.

Most people’s reference points in this life are not of extreme joy, intimacy or consciousness. Even when they have sex, they may think they are burning but they are not.

Whatever you think you have experienced so far, you’ve likely never had the very best in life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The mind has settled into nostalgia and sentiment because it says, ‘I’m old, the best has already happened.’

This is part of the story of unworthiness. Your reasons for thinking that it can no longer happen for you are not valid. The best can happen when you are 83. This challenges the very nature of reality. The mind says no, but the heart says yes.

In sweetness and love all boundaries are broken, for everything that exists manifests out of the fire of pure love. We have the capacity to love beyond ourselves and beyond all limitations.

We are speaking not just about romantic and sensuous love here. We are speaking about the kind of love that becomes pure energy, a pure force that can open all other boundaries, all other places.

Spirituality is experiencing life to the fullest. It is the ultimate invitation to live life as an adventure — a never-ending path of joy. We can go into the streets and consciously seek out opportunities to act with loving-kindness. If that is what you do, you are a saddhu — a sweet honeybee of a human.

Tilak will be giving a free lecture in Los Angeles on May 21 and private sessions on May 22. For more information, call (702) 260-4736 or go to the website:

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