The Writer of INDIGO
Strikes Again
By Zenah Blair, C.P.C.C.



The low-budget independent film, INDIGO, shocked Hollywood by becoming one of the highest-grossing films in North America. Now the writer and executive producer of INDIGO, James Twyman, is following this amazing success with his directorial debut in a feature film, “Into Me See.” Expectations are high, and Twyman feels he is up to the challenge.

“This is a film every adult in the world will relate to in a very profound way,” the director explained. “It’s about what happens when our most profound relationships explode around us, and the lessons we can learn, if we just hold still and look within. We usually believe that everything we experience is coming from the outside, but true intimacy happens when we realize we create everything we experience. Love is an inside-out process.”

Unlike INDIGO, Twyman’s newest film is more than a traditional movie. In June it will be released in hundreds of New Thought churches around the world, along with a follow-up workshop helping participants take the message even deeper. Along with relationship guru Gay Hendricks, Twyman has developed processes to help everyone get the most from the film. “The movie opens them up and gets them ready to really look within,” he said. “Now is the perfect time to take a peek inside and see what’s there, all the ways we hide from love. Once we realize the blocks, we can release them.”

James Twyman is usually known as an internationally-acclaimed author and Peace Troubadour, traveling to many of the most dangerous places on earth sharing his messages. He has been invited by government leaders and peace organizations to countries such as Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland. His first book, “Emissary of Light,” has been translated into over a dozen languages and continues to be a top seller. In recent years, however, he has turned his attention to getting his message out through SPIRITUAL CINEMA, a phrase promoted by the director/producer of INDIGO, Stephen Simon.

“Stephen has made an enormous impact on my life,” Twyman said. “I went to him over two years ago with the idea for INDIGO and he was the first person to see its incredible potential. He has been in the film business for almost thirty years, and it has been a great gift to have him as a mentor, especially now that I’ve started directing myself.”

The words “Into Me See,” spoken quickly, reveal the true meaning of this film. “Intimacy is the beginning and most important part of everything we do,” Twyman said. “It is the real reason we are here, and we will never be truly happy until we understand where it comes from, and how we keep it in our lives.”

When asked how far Twyman feels his newest film will go, a hesitant smile came across his face. “This is one of those films that could end up touching millions of lives. I hope it does, but that is not the real goal. I made it because I needed to learn these lessons. They say we teach best what we need to learn the most.”

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