The Heart of Love
Becoming A Love Trillionaire
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



What, would you imagine, constitutes a Love trillionaire? We think of ourselves, with great gratitude, as Love trillionaires and want to share with you how you can come into this vast wealth too!

Imagine more love than you could ever want or process. That’s a good beginning to how we feel and what is available to each of us if we are willing to set the standard high and go for the love gold.

First of all, a Love trillionaire lives in a sea of harmony which comes from an inner commitment to live from your highest level of being. You might call this your core being of divinity or your spirituality. We often feel the presence of Love itself — guiding us to live in harmony and lifting us upward when we feel stressed. This reliability of unconditional harmony is extreme wealth.

Whenever we find ourselves in conflict with each other (and it is usually from an inner conflict within ourselves that then conflicts with each other), we have already decided, in advance, that we would rather have love than conflict expressed. Standing up for the presence of unbroken love between us is far more important than the ego’s need to be right. An egoless love is a rich love.

Rather than losing our individuality during conflicting times, we find an even higher _expression of ourselves and without anger. This is a choice which comes from a deep understanding that, more than anything else, we choose to stay connected by love. Conflicts are eventually solved and without damage to each other. Sweetness and kindness allow love to preside during all occasions. Through mutual respect, individuality has allowed even more opportunity to express itself and with loving speech.

When we slip, (everyone does) there are quick apologies, acceptances, and we return to our Love alignment. Whether facing good times or challenging times, we can count on feeling honored and feeling safe in a sea of harmony. This is self-created love wealth.

A Love trillionaire offers others full support to realize their infinite possibilities. Have you ever had someone cheering for you? Someone who deeply holds your value and encourages you to shine more, even at your shine-height — perhaps even beyond what you yourself can presently dream for yourself? This quality of support for our soul is what we often, even naively, expect from our family members. Yet, it is rarely given.

You can set a new standard for yourself in your most intimate relationships and ask for soul support. You can also offer it in return. This means there will be times, and often, where you share what your deepest life passion is and how you are most advancing towards living it. Aren’t you curious about how you are doing in this area? And curious for your loved one? Can you think of a more wonderful gift to offer each other than encouragement, belief in each other and saying so, praise, and acknowledgment for each other’s soul gifts?

What a rich subject to explore and allow into expansion. It begins with a simple question such as, “What are you most passionate about and how are you living most closely within your passion?” You will find that the more you discuss it, feeling full and positive support, that it will grow your fulfillment. You will feel love rich! Such soul respect for yourself and others catapults you into love wealth.

And there’s more. Love wants you to deeply love yourself. This is essential for love wealth. By loving ourselves we observe our inner talk. Often the inner critic convinces us of our mediocrity, or even our total lack of value. This critic needs to be watched and silenced so a higher level of self-talk that honors your sweetness, magnificence, and value to the universe can emerge. This higher level of self-love can be nourished through offering time for yourself to meditate, pray, read, and reflect. You move into the category of love trillionaire when you love yourself with affirmations that remind you of your intrinsic value, such as: “I am precious, purposeful, individual, progressive, able, empowered, inspired, innocent, good, and worthy of all love.” This is not egotistical, but smart, rich love talk.

We don’t have piles of money stacked up in the bank, but we consider ourselves to be Love trillionaires. We regard work and income as opportunities to express our gifts and service to others. This spirit of generosity offers us a life full of rich purpose, living bigger than ourselves, connecting with others in meaningful ways, and offering blessings from our inner selves. No relationship is too small for this. Every encounter with others (or with oneself) is an opportunity to offer love, brighten a day, acknowledge someone in a positive way, or show that you care.

We’re not perfect, but we often hit this high standard and it’s the love trillionaire jackpot. You can be a hero to yourself by offering genuine love and speaking something kind from your heart every day. Such love wealth has potential power to save the earth. You can have as much love richness as you want. The love trillionaire life you deserve is available — and it’s free! Trillionaire love is always just a choice away. Welcome to the heart of love!

Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLove-Center, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to creating and holding the space for all humanity to live in healing Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve,” “Liberating Your Magnificence,” & “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” (audio set). Shannon is also the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” & the “Love Heals Study Guide.” For lots of love, call (800) 266-1525, visit or e-mail
© Copyright 2005 Scott & Shannon Peck

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