Don’t Shoot the Messenger,
Just Change the Message
By Lisa Cherney



What is your message for today?  When I sit in my office and I am feeling tired and asking, “What is this all for?” I need to take time to connect with my personal message. What message am I bringing to the world?  After all, why else do we do what we do?  Why else do we get up in the morning? It is to carry our personal message. Now, in business some people call this your “mission” or “purpose.” Those words seem a bit lofty to me at times. So, when I sat down to write this article, I just asked the Universe, “What is my message for today?”  It kept things simple, made my task seem doable, and gave me encouragement to carry that message just for one day.

Changing Your Message
Sometimes I feel like my message is a burden. It could be because it is not a mainstream message so it’s not popular with the masses. Or it could be because changing the world can sometimes feel like a burden. When that happens my ego often turns on me and says things like, “What the heck are you doing?  People want to do it the old way!  Just give up. Are you sure you have what it takes?” I am essentially shooting the messenger (me) but it is really the message that is the source of the challenge. These are the days when maybe I need to take a break from the core message and focus on something that feels simpler. This is what is so great about taking your message one day at a time.

For example, my core (or most common) message is, “You have all you need inside you to create a business you love and the income you want.” However, for today my message is, “To keep moving forward, make a choice to renew your message each day.”  They are related, but the second message feels more doable to me in this moment and therefore keeps me from wanting to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Everyone who is trying to make a difference in this world has those days. Remember, your job right now is to simply focus on today’s message

Attracting Listeners (a.k.a. Marketing)
Our clients are merely folks who want to listen to our message. Folks who want to invest their time and money to hear what we have to say, take it home and have their lives changed. It doesn’t matter if we provide a service or sell a product; our clients are recipients of our message. So, if that’s the case, what do we need to say to get them to hear it?  This is where that scary word “marketing” comes in. However, maybe it’s not as scary when we just look at it as our message and we look at our clients as listeners. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you connect with the language your listeners need to hear in order to understand your message is what they need. They reveal your client’s inner dialog:

1. What do people say to themselves when they realize they need what you provide? In other words, if you are a Life Coach, what is it that your clients have to say to themselves that would make you think they are a match for your message if you overheard them?  

For example, they might say, “You know, I just want to be happy, but I don’t know where to begin to make changes,” or “My life is too overwhelming — I just want to run away!”

2. What do people think they need when they really need your product or service instead?  In other words, if you are a Chiropractor, what do your clients think they need when they may be better off calling you instead?

For example, they may think they need back surgery or a new bed when they could really benefit from your service (or message) instead.

What Are Your Questions of Attraction?
Once you thoroughly explore the questions above, you can immediately apply the answers to your marketing. One way is by using Questions of Attraction at the top of your flyer, on the home page of your website, or even in your 30-second introduction. A Life Coach could say, “Do you feel like running away from your life?” or “Would you like to be happier, but don’t know how?” A Chiropractor might say, “Do you want to avoid back surgery?” or “Have you tried buying a new bed, only to continue having back pain?

You see, by answering these inner dialog questions you connected with your clients as recipients of your message. You have put yourself in their shoes (or head) and connected with language they will relate to. If your words sound familiar or touch on an internal conversation they have had, they will quickly realize they need what you provide.

Step 1 - Identify today’s message

Step 2 - Identify your listener’s inner dialog

Step 3 - Integrate inner dialog into Questions of Attraction  

And Step 4 is - Always be open to changing your message instead of shooting the messenger. We can carry any message for just one day that may seem overwhelming to carry for a lifetime. It will be just what you need to connect with those who are ready to listen. This is what will ensure you continue to touch more lives and to change the world as you are meant to.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive and Founder of Con-scious MarketingTM. On May 22nd she is leading a Conscious Marketing Workshop. This interactive experience will help you connect with the perfect words for your marketing so you can create a business you love, and income you deserve. Conscious Marketing also offers one-on-one coaching and creates marketing materials. Call (888) 771-0156 for more details or visit the website:

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