A Discussion with Evan Slawson
Co-Founder of AIM and Co-Author of Sanctuary
By Susan Meeker-Lowry



In 2004, Evan Slawson, Co-founder of the AIM Program and Co-author of “Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness,” was interviewed by Vermont-based economist Susan Meeker-Lowry about his role at EMC2.

“Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness” is a novel about the development and application of the AIM Program, a technology of self-healing that works with Life Force and Consciousness.

Susan: How did you become involved in EMC2?

Evan: As I tend to tell this story, the process began when I was around 11 years old. That is when I realized that people in my family live at least into their 40s (laughs). I thought if I was going to be that old I had better start taking care of myself. This led me to become a vegetarian and to practice yoga. This worked really well until I was in my mid-30s.

Then everything seemed to fall apart. It seemed like I aged ten years overnight. I felt horrible all the time, I was exhausted, and my skin looked terrible. I had no idea what was wrong and I didn’t know where to turn. I did not think conventional medicine had anything to offer so I tried Oriental medicine. It was an interesting experience, but it didn’t solve my problems.

Then I noticed a friend of mine was always taking these drops by mouth. I asked him about it and he tried to explain, but I didn’t really understand what he was talking about. I sort of got that he was going to some kind of allergy doctor. I thought, well, what if I have allergies?  Maybe that is why I feel really bad, so I decided to see my friend’s allergy doctor. First I needed a referral, which I got from my friend, then had to wait for an appointment eight months in the future. Periodically I called to see if anyone had canceled, and after a couple of months I lucked out and an opening came up. That was when I met Stephen Lewis and the beginning of my experience with EMC2 and the AIM program.

Susan: So at that time AIM was using drops like flower essences?

Evan: Steve called them energetic imprinting solutions. They consist of water, alcohol, and diatomaceous earth, helping us to hold the energy charge in the water, but the primary ingredient is the energetic frequencies imparted to the liquid by an energy transmission system. Today AIM uses photographs as the medium for passing energy to the person. Back then it was put into the liquid and then taken by the individual.

Susan: How long ago was this?

Evan: Ten years or so.

Susan: What exactly is AIM?

Evan: AIM stands for “All-Inclusive Method”. I call it the technology of prayer and healing because we apply modern technology to the application of prayer. Let’s go back for a second to the drops, the energetic imprinting solution. Those were actually a form of holy water. In traditions I am familiar with, holy water is made by adding something that holds the blessing, usually salt, and then a priest or practitioner directs prayer energy, meditation energy, the energy of the universe, whatever you want to call it, into the water.

There are a number of techniques for doing this. In the case of the energetic imprinting solutions, we use small amounts of diatomaceous earth and alcohol instead of salt, and then energetic frequencies are directed into the liquid. Rather than being anointed on the forehead you take it under the tongue. But the idea is the same as with conventional holy waters: consciousness energy is directed into the solution, which can then be used to distribute that energy. Today the AIM program does the same thing, but we use photographs.

Susan: What do you mean by energetic frequencies?

Evan: First of all, when we use the word frequencies, we are not referring to sound, radio, light, or x-ray frequencies. Nor are we talking about wave forms, periodicity, etc. The easiest thing to relate it to is prayer because it has been shown that prayer can be sent to people over long distances, and yet detecting the method of transmission is impossible using current technology, at least that I am aware of. For example, if the FCC were to park one of the trucks they send out to detect spurious transmissions of radio or television energy in front of a church while the congregation is praying, it would detect nothing.

The same thing is true of AIM’s subtle energy frequencies. They are a kind of prayer energy and would not be detectable in a material world kind of way. What we are actually talking about are units of consciousness, which we believe are the underlying architecture of reality. The essence of the frequencies is pure consciousness.

Susan: And everything has consciousness?

Evan: You may have noticed that the initials for the Energetic  Matrix Church of Consciousness, are EMCC or EMC2. This is in honor of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, E=MC2, which we believe, illustrates something extremely important. On the left side of the equation is E, or energy. On the right side of the equation Einstein got into some interesting details having to do with mass and the constant, i.e. the speed of light.

Energy equals mass times the speed of light, squared. If you slow the mass down it becomes physical, if you speed it up it becomes light. But the important thing is that everything is energy. Therefore there is only one thing. So if I presume that I am conscious and I am connected to everything else, then it follows that if I am conscious and I am one with everything, then everything is conscious.

Evan Slawson will be giving a free presentation about the AIM Program at Soulscape Gift & Bookstore on Friday, June 3rd. For more information contact facilitator, Kathleen Clarke at (760) 268-0108, e-mail her at: SimplifyYourLife@adelphia.net  

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