ArtYoga for Kids
Schedules Summer Camps
By Jane Forelle



ArtYoga for Kids, a new program at the University of Judaism, gives children in the community the tools they need to help their self esteem soar as they discover their creative potential and learn different methods of self  expression.

The unique summer day camp, ArtYoga for Kids, will offer a fun-filled week combining the physical well-being and inner peace of yoga with the satisfaction and joy of creating beautiful works of art. The week will combine ancient yogic techniques to increase flexibility, improve mental focus and self-image. Students will learn basic yoga postures and meditations specifically designed to awaken their creativity.

After Yoga the children will explore the joys of art. Artistic techniques will be acquired by one-on-one instruction learning about simple shapes, color theory, value and perspective in the medium of pastels, water colors and acrylic paint.

Two women ó one an artist and teacher and the other a yoga instructor and artist ó have combined their talents and philosophy of love, kindness and beauty, to offer a camp in which children are able to acquire skills and insight that leads to growth and development.

Jane Forelle is looking forward to providing your child the combination of creative self _expression and summertime fun. She is a professional artist, winning awards from Brandeis University and the Artistís Magazine. As an art instructor and a professional art expert for the Los Angeles Unified School District, she has inspired thousands of children and helped them reach their artistic goals in a fun and positive environment.

Jane has also co-founded Rose Bud Program, a non-profit organization which inspires under-served youth to use artistic techniques and psychological awareness in all their educational endeavors.
Michelle Peabody is a professional artist as well as a certified Yoga Teacher. She has been joyfully painting and practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching yoga since 2000. Michelle is also the mother of two children, and has specialized in teaching yoga to kids. ArtYoga, combines two of her biggest passions, art and yoga. Both Yoga and Art are incredible for kids of all ages and numerous studies show the benefits they produce that lead to self-esteem, concentration, and new levels of awareness.

Michelle and Jane are looking forward to helping create an environment where kids are exposed to many new and exciting concepts, and allowed to develop their own sense of self, of creativity, and inner fulfillment.

ArtYoga for Kids has three locations: Los Angeles, San Diego and Lake Tahoe.

The San Diego camp will be at Point Loma Assembly June 20-24 and at La Jolla Recreation Center June 27- July 1.

The Los Angeles ArtYoga for Kids summer camp, July 11- 22, will culminate in a kidsí community art exhibit and yoga demonstration. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go towards our scholarship fund. The University of Judaism, in Bel Air, is proud to be hosting this new summer camp.

Parents interested in the program or the ArtYoga for Kids Art Exhibit & Yoga Demonstration, please call Jane Forelle in Los Angeles at (310) 471-7105 or e-mail

Parents interested in the San Diego ArtYoga Camp call Michelle Peabody at (619) 846-3116 or  e-mail: .

You can also visit us on the web at

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