Understanding Love
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady



Most people want the same thing in relationships, love. Yet what does love really mean? That may seem like a silly question, but think about it for a minute. If we try to define love we limit its fullness and it loses power. You may sense what love is, you feel it in yourself and for others.

Love is a noun and a verb and the word often carries conscious and unconscious history. It is a feeling state, a valentine card for your partner, a kind deed and the character of the universal field. Defining love puts it in a box of experience that can create confusion, or at the very least, cause you to hold a misperception that will hinder your experience of love.

Loving relationships must start with your relationship with yourself. You can begin by embracing the aspects of love in yourself that most matter to you in relationship. For example, to be heard and understood are two qualities of love that are commonly desired by many people. If you want to be heard and understood, start by hearing and understanding yourself.

Your body gives you messages continuously. More accurately, the soul speaks through the channel of the body. Quiet inner messages are always present for the asking. Because society has been outwardly focused for a very long time, the importance of listening to inner feeling states has been denied. When you deny aspects of your self, you limit your experience of love, specifically self-love, which then limits your relationships.

Learning the language of your body and soul as they work together to guide you, supports self-understanding and acceptance. How is your body speaking to you? Are you able to hear the guidance before it takes residence in your cells? Can you touch into the message of a physical disorder and understand how it is directing you? Your body holds itself in ways to help you find balance. If you pay attention to the language your body uses for communicating, you can unravel your history in ways that will support love and health.

Your shoulders may direct you to listen to your stomach and your neck may hold the voice of your heart. Your knees can speak about your lower belly and your eyes may encompass the history of the whole. In actuality, all individual cells of the body hold a roadmap for the whole body. Most people have not been taught to listen to the language of the body, learning instead to subdue these signs and disregard the voice of wisdom that is here to teach about love.

Comprehending the messages of the body is not meant to be difficult. The body is working with you for understanding. Its voice is simple as it communicates through quiet internal messages and two primary feeling states, love and fear. Fear is a valuable ally to help you know love. Thatís its function. Derived from these basic feeling states, you also have many emotions that help you hear and understand yourself better.

Recognize that love is without boundaries and so are you. There are various ways you can develop a personal relationship with yourself to know love deeper. Start by hearing and understanding the language of your body through the texture of your heart. By doing this, you will develop a powerful connection of love that will reflect back through all your relationships.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady facilitates healing therapy sessions and spiritually-guided consultations. She has 15 years of training and professional application. Her philosophy and methods support regaining wellness in the entire system while deepening self-love. Contact Nancy at (949) 487-1551 or see her website at .

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