yGuide Yoga Software Provides Added  
Dimensions to Yoga Practice Everywhere!
 “Each asana practiced is a gift of yourself to the universe.”         
 — Leslie Ottavi, (creator of yGuide Yoga Software)
By Lyn Philips



Leslie Ottavi really wanted to learn yoga. She loved her yoga classes and her teachers were great at assisting her in class and answering questions afterwards. It was when she was back home, alone, and wanting to go through a practice sequence that things became more difficult. What was that third asana in the Ash-tanga Yoga sequence from last week’s class? What was the direction on breathing and holding for that particular pose? How exactly were the arms to be held, feet positioned and how were we supposed to place our hands again?

General books lacked the specific information so Leslie created computer printouts with notes and figures and lined them up, and soon there were all these printouts with numbered sequences and pose descriptions. Her friends all wanted copies and it became apparent there had to be an easier way.

So Leslie’s, “yGuide Yoga Software” was born through her company, Chakra Productions.

Now you can enjoy the luxury of creating your own yoga classes and workouts at the touch of a mouse! From yGuide’s comprehensive collection including Ashtanga Yoga, Great Yoga Poses I & their Great Pregnancy Yoga series, comprising over several hundred beautifully captured photographs of poses/asanas, you choose the asanas you want to practice or teach, put them together and enjoy your personally sequenced, ‘yGuide Yoga Signature Series’. It’s easy to do and a fun way to discover the perfect combination to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating workout, a meditative experience or a restorative sequence, yGuide Yoga Software puts you in creative control!

For yoga studios, teachers, health practitioners and businesses, yGuide Yoga Software can make your job easy and successful. With a simple command structure, yGuide allows you to point and click your way to the yoga styles, sequences and poses you know will provide the most benefit for your students, clients and employees.

Sometimes successful teachers and studios can lose the intimate hands-on relationship with their students that helped to create their success in the first place. By bringing yGuide Yoga into a studio’s curriculum, quick personal lesson sequences can be created for individuals, personal progress can be easily tracked and individual attention to each student’s development can be heightened.

As a mother, Leslie knows given the right presentation and approach, children love to learn and yet are often severe critics. So when the opportunity presented itself to bring in her yGuide Yoga Software to lead a group of Ms. Shawna Matilla’s fifth graders at Fox Elementary School in Belmont, California, she jumped at the chance. If the latest yGuide Yoga Software could work well sequencing poses for children, adults would certainly find it easily accessible and fun to use.

Thirty students were rotated through class sessions, ten at a time, for one-half hour. During each session she helped them explore the sequences and try the poses. By the end of her series the whole class appreciated the yGuide Yoga program! One limber fifth grader, Franchesca, proclaimed: “Nothing is more peaceful than yoga. It calms you down and warms you up. I wish everybody could do yoga. I can just imagine it, all the peaceful children and adults walking around. Yes, this is the life!” That pretty well speaks for all who use yGuide Yoga Software.

Enthusiastic response from yoga studios, teachers, health practitioners and students successfully selling and using yGuide Yoga programs has inspired Leslie to continue to develop and bring even greater flexibility and growth potential into these programs to meet ever-expanding performance needs. Leslie believes, “As we receive more and more inquiries for additional areas of coverage and my personal yoga practice continues to expand in depth, we feel impelled to create new applications that meet all our needs.”

For both aspiring yogis and wizened teachers, the yGuide Yoga Standard and Pro versions offer you an increased capacity to print personalized pose sequences, have improved communication between teachers and students, as well as the ability to keep concise track of your progress and study. By providing a superior support program for learning and teaching yoga, yGuide Yoga Software has made enriching your yoga practice that much easier and fun to attain.

“No one has ever had more fun learning, practicing and teaching yoga! I continue to  develop my yoga practice while learning and sharing the study and application with the whole yoga community worldwide!” says Leslie, “I feel truly blessed and ever more committed to developing the perfect learning, teaching and healing tools to create the best yGuide Yoga Software experience possible!”

You can find out more about these latest features and choose a copy of your favorite yGuide Yoga Series at www.yogasoftware.com  .

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