Whole Foods Market Launches Pilot
‘Salads in Schools’ Program
By Kristen Bergevin



Whole Foods Market, the leader in natural and organic supermarkets, announced a $13,235 cash donation to assist in the implementation and improvement of salad bars at pilot local high schools including Dorsey, Carson, Venice and Monroe high schools.

The monies were raised via Whole Foods Market’s community 5% day where five percent of the day’s sales were earmarked to assist in the purchase of salad bar equipment, educational materials for students on the benefits of healthier eating and support for school cafeteria management. Students, teachers and cafeteria management have been actively involved in the development of the program.

Known for his characters on Saturday Night Live, The Waterboy, Big Daddy and the recently released 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, actor and comedian Rob Schneider has volunteered his support to get the pilot program off the ground by donating his time and effort to visit the schools and get the students excited about the salad bars. “I have a daughter in school and her health is very important to me. Lifelong habits are learned at a young age and this program will teach students how to eat right, be healthy and give them more options,” commented Schneider.

Current lunch selections for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) students include burritos, pizza, hot dogs, nachos and cheeseburgers. With the salad bars now installed, students are able to choose from a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. In the future, salad bars have the option of being used as a sandwich wrap bar, pita sandwich bar and baked potato bar, to name a few.

“We believe companies must assume their share of responsibilities in supporting and educating students on healthier nutritional options. We have always adhered to our motto ‘Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet’ and donating money to aid schools in implementing healthy foods in schools simply supports the communities in which we live and work,” says Michael Besancon, President, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region.  

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