The Holy Equation of Love
By Audrey Hope



A love relationship is…
· A blessed opportunity to know yourself in God.
· A holy battle to your own divine victory.
· A heavenly mirror to reflect you to wholeness.
· A supernatural challenge to heal your own heart.
· An undiscovered illusion, if you think it is about the other person.
· Her chance to grow in self-esteem — his to shatter his ego.
· A holy equation of 1+1=1.

Can you take it? Do you dare? Do you possess the guts and courage and stamina to pass the high test of love? The heart speaks its own language and can take you on a wild journey — away from all rationality, and sense, and peace, and shape shift you into madness. It beats to its own drum, until, with enough pain and confusion, the noise forces you to listen to a new philosophy, a deep spirituality, with high reason and a high math. The holy equation of love is 1+1=1.

The war of man and woman is the battle to love oneself, truly and supreme. We knock on each other’s walls, until there is a break in its defense. Naked then, and fragile, we begin to bend. In the blessed opening, the light comes in. Let it shine in the mirror. Observe what he/she has done to you. See the holy formula of love work inside your soul.

Thank each other for the chaos of the heart. In the grace of time, love finds understanding. Time is kind to love. In empty space, it heals things. It finally teaches, when all is said and done, that we need our own wholeness. The best you and the best me, is the only chance for divine union.

Where do we go to find love?  You must be the love that you seek. Always be in love. Then he/she will float into your life, like the river follows the wind. Heaven awaits after the tears and storms of love.

Be brave in the challenge of love.  In lessons, and in pain, heal thyself. Then in the sun of morning, after much understanding, join hands.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu. She is also the host of “REAL WOMEN,” an international talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. Write to hopesvoice@aol.com   

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