The Seven Seasons at the
Heart of Relationship
By Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)



Wouldn’t it be helpful to predict the difficult periods in a relationship and then have the tools to get through those times, the better for it? It is a little known fact that many of our challenges, both in relationship and in our personal lives, come in a cyclical pattern. These cycles can be easily compared to the four yearly seasons of Mother Nature. The storms of our lives are much the same as the storms in our environment. If we are aware of what season it is, and what the signs are, it is fairly easy to predict and prepare for inclement weather.  

Additionally, the storms that appear in the winter have a very different quality from those that occur in the late summer or autumn. Winter is a time for hibernating and may not be the best for certain outdoor activities. Spring is the time for plants and animals to begin life anew by mating and searching for food. The four seasons are nature’s way of dividing the year and appropriating the development of the environment for all her inhabitants.

In the same way the world has its cycles, humans have theirs. Although we are all aware that we are subject to the four seasons, most people don’t know our year is divided into seven cycles, each lasting 52 days, which are ruled by the planets. The first of these periods starts on our birthday and begins anew with each passing year. The cycle begins with the Sun, and continues for 52 days.

Each of the planets in the following order represents the remaining cycles — Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The main point to remember in all this is that the Sun, Jupiter and Venus are positive, Mars and Saturn are challenging, and the Moon and Mercury are neutral.

These cycles can bring great joy and feelings of expansiveness, or, they can bring quarreling and feelings of separation. We know that difficulties are an inescapable part of any union, and, particularly in love relationships, it is one of the vehicles through which partners grow and evolve together and become more solid in their commitment.

When one or both partners are in a challenging period it will affect the stability of the relationship. Here is an example of how the planets affect us. Let’s say John, who is in a committed love relationship with Mary, is in his Mars period, while she is in her Jupiter period. Mary will be enjoying the positive influence of Jupiter, which stands for prosperity, job advancement, support in one’s work, and expansion. John is in his Mars period, which signifies delays, calumny, intrigue, anger and quarrels. Therefore, some of John’s negative patterns will be affected and his anger will come out. He will appear quarrelsome to Mary, whose work and social life are going well. She becomes annoyed by his quarrelsome behavior. As a result, their relationship suffers greatly.

When a love couple is faced with these challenges, the one in the strongest position, in this case, Mary, can take the lead and use the power of love to clear the way and restore stability. When both are aware of the planetary dynamics the person experiencing challenge will be aware of the triggers to his negative patterns and be better able to cope with them. Any time a couple overcomes a trial; their bond becomes strong and pure. The fact is darkness cannot stand before the power of love. When challenging planets are faced with love, they become positive.

Anytime things go wrong in your life or in your relationship, take a moment to see which planets are influencing the situation. Knowledge of the planets is a legacy left to us by the ancient students of nature who had more time for meditation and insight into the laws of nature than we do in our busy world today. This pure knowledge has been handed down through the generations. Through the use of these laws, instead of being stuck or at odds in life and in your relationships, you can come into alignment with the natural and divine flow of the universe. Then you will find yourself living life in joy and harmony. You will have stepped into the very heart of creating loving and lasting relationships.

After 30 years of study, research, teaching and travel worldwide, Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) has created a unique synthesis of the most powerful teachings of Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga. He travels internationally, teaching and healing, and has won the trust of thousands by his unique and accurate ability to see the energy field as well as read past, present and future. He has helped countless people through the process of self-healing, creating meaningful careers, healthy relationships and realizing their dreams.

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