Dreams Without Attachment
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



We all have dreams — wonderful dreams of what we want to experience and achieve in our lives. Such dreams fuel our inspiration and give momentum to our actions.

As we dream, it is natural to visualize the outcome we want and expect to experience. Often, we feel absolutely sure how our dreams should manifest themselves.

To our discouragement, however, sometimes our dreams don’t seem to come true. Why?

It has taken us years of personal growth to learn the lesson of having dreams without attachment. We’ve been absolutely sure — quite a few times — of exactly what should happen to fulfill our dreams. Yet the more we have been attached to pre-determined outcomes, our dreams have taken a different path. At first, this seemed like failure to us. As we listened more deeply to love, however, we discovered the significance of staying in the pure essence — the substance — of our dreams while simultaneously letting go of the expected outcome.

Here’s an example. Each of us was previously and unhappily married. When our marriages ended, we each felt like our dreams of the love we always thought would be ours was over.

Although we didn’t know each other at this failure point in our dreams, we each dove even deeper spiritually. The result was an even higher dream of the love we deserved than either of us had ever imagined. We both knew in our soul that we would never again marry without exceptional kindness, compassion, equality, and mutual spirituality. This, however, seemed impossible, since we didn’t know anyone like that who was available. But we stuck to our dreams without any attachment to how they might take place. This was a big, new way of thinking for us. Holding to our dreams meant that we focused on accepting into our lives a greater quality of love. This is what we mean by cherishing the substance of dreams without attachment to form.

And then, at a workshop, we met. Our friendship bloomed into love and a marriage that was even beyond the scope of what we had imagined as dream fulfillment.

This was a huge lesson to us — teaching us to keep on dreaming big, but detaching from what the outcome should look like.

Your dreams deserve to be honored at the deepest level of Soul. Stay intimately close to the essence of your dream. Cherish the substance of what your dream is all about. For example, honor your dreams by their spiritual qualities and trust this to develop your dream to fruition. Let your heart move into the expansion of your dream by letting go of projected outcomes and timing. Let the substance of your dreams take you even higher than your imagination can conceive. This is how Spirit lifts us all into higher light.

In short, to manifest your dreams at the highest level, dive even deeper into the substance of your dream without any attachment to outcome. Let the essence of your dreams create the magic of surprise outside the borders of your current imagination. Yes, it can be mighty tough to let go of pre-determined outcomes. But the rewards are waiting for you. Be prepared to be surprised by outcomes even better than your dreams. Welcome to the heart of love.

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization holding the space for all humanity to live in healing Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve,” “Liberating Your Magnificence,” & “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” (audio set). Shannon’s new book, “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love,” has just been released. For lots more love, visit , e-mail , or call (800) 266-1525. © Copyright 2004 Scott & Shannon Peck

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