Easing the Fluctuations of Life
By Francine Forrester



Hundreds of people from every walk of life have visited our executive retreats in Montana for rest and rejuvenation. As the years passed during this time, I contemplated the extreme exhaustion many of our clients. Of course, if being tired were the only thing we had to cope with, life would be a piece of cake. Havenít you felt many times, that something wasnít quite right but couldnít say exactly what was wrong? This is the most widely experienced paradox since the fall of man from his original angelic state.

There had to be an arcane formula to insulate us against the bumps and bruises we call problems and perhaps a process for relieving existing pressure ó permanently. If it would be possible to avoid trauma, or diminish the blow in the first place, would this not be the ultimate brass ring? The questions forming in my mind seemed as mystic as their elusive answers.

Letís just say that I have made some rather interesting discoveries. In order to truly live life in harmony, we must live in accordance with our deepest essence. If we do not really know ourselves, our decisions may not benefit us, the resulting symptoms being innumerable forms of discord in the emotional and physical bodies. Aligning our thoughts and actions with this essence is likened to charting a course with a personal divine map.

These answers I found within the teachings of Universal Kabbalah. After hearing only one lecture given by Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam), world-renowned Master Kabbalist and Kundalini Yogi, I knew in my heart that the tools to unravel these secrets lie within the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. I would come to understand that we will all experience life through two major forces: our individual combination of planetary influences and the strength of our magnetic field, also known as the aura.

At the precise moment we are born we become the reflection of a combination of planetary influences. There are seven influences that together project our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, our aspirations and capacity. These projections become our essence. The strength of the magnetic field will determine how we experience these influencing forces of nature in every area of life. From health to wealth, stamina and will power, relationship choices, mental clarity, even our ability to create.

Like everything, there is a rewarding side and a challenging side to these celestial aspects. In order to reap the maximum benefit of our personal planetary code, it is paramount that the magnetic field be strong. We are, like the Universe, divinely orchestrated; heightening the vibration of the astral body will stir oneís angelic essence, elevating thoughts, feelings, perceptions and actions.

How can we do this? Fortunately, there has been a cultural movement towards activities that shift awareness, cleanse and heal the body, clear the mind and strengthen the aura. One can connect to the breath through Kun-dalini yoga, practice mantra med-itation to burn karma and reset oneís energy, eat naturally-grown whole foods, and think, act, and speak positively.

Another highly effective way to improve health and invite the beneficial influences of nature into oneís life is by wearing higher forms of spiritual jewelry. The interlaced triangles of the six-pointed Kabbalah star, the Star of David, reveal much to us about balance and symbolically represent the framework of our life on earth. The upward pointing triangle represents solar, electric, or heavenly force and the downward pointing triangle represents lunar, magnetic, or earthly force.

Merging the heavenly triangle with the earthly triangle produces the exact equation for spiritual gold to manifest in the material realm. The Star is undeniably universal and at the same instant, very personal. The triangle pointing upward within the Star represents our personal aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit and is the key to our happiness.

When we work upon ourselves through meditation, it is this triangle we are actually working upon to create balance in our lives. When our personal Star is balanced we are shining light upon our soul. At this point we will experience the gifts and joys of life ó spiritual gold.

Spiritual initiates know that Gold and Silver respectively represent the Sun and the Moon. By fusing Gold onto Silver in precise proportions, they found one could steady these opposing Solar and Lunar forces, making life more fortunate. This precise combination of electric and magnetic force, or Gold and Silver, is a perfect harmonious expression of the heavenly triangle of fire and the earthly triangle of water, and can be a very powerful Talisman for all forms of healing.

Combining the Star with specific benevolent symbols or stones will create a connection with the healing hosts of the cosmos attracting blessings in all forms. I have personally experimented with this process as have countless friends, the results have been awe-inspiring. Interestingly the greater the desire for change the greater the cure, and spiritually inspired, can be quite enlightening.

Francine Forrester, the founder of Sacred Essentials, has had the privilege of many years of direct tutelage under Joseph Michael Levry. Our companyís wisdom and strength is thus rooted in the teachings of Universal Kabbalah. Gurunam has blessed our company with the ability to produce a series of Gold and Silver Talismans that, when they are worn, bring substantial and lasting healing. Our Kabbalistic Talismans are raceless, classless and beyond religion. They will connect you with the beneficial and healing energy of the cosmos. All that is left is your desire to live more freely, more consciously in the time to come.

The truest and most noble path to healing is self-healing through practice and knowledge. For further information or to request a brochure, please call 1 (866) 766-1123 or log onto our website www.sacredessentials.biz  Sacred Essentials is a registered trademark, © 2003

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