By Mark H. Bloom



 Doctors can measure your height, your weight, your reflexes, your blood pressure, your pulse, your lung capacity, your bone density, your red blood count, your white blood count, your cholesterol level, your testosterone or estrogen level, your body fat, and your sperm count (if applicable). But they can’t measure your energetic well-being. Psychiatrists and therapists can balance your brain chemistry, control your psychoses, eliminate your fears, cure your delusions, improve your relationships, and alter your behavior.

They can help you fit in, shape up, stand tall, and fly right. But they haven’t a clue about your energetic well-being. So how do you know if you’re energetically well? Well, you can visit a health practitioner. It might do you wonders to have your chakras aligned by color, or your body tuned with bells, or your muscles tested for medicinal herbs, or your tissue massaged with hot rocks, or your karma unwound by a master, or your past lives revisited from a safe place.

Any of these treatments — and more — can trigger you into a healthy state of energetic well-being. Ah, the bliss! Occasionally, these treatments can even work for a longer term, meaning your energy levels continue to remain balanced and flowing, and free of blocks for longer than a week. But something always happens (doesn’t it seem that way?) and you fall right back into your old patterns. “I picked the wrong week to give up smoking.” “I just can’t seem to stop biting my nails.” “Boy, I really laid into that poor waitress.” “Stop me before I kick the furniture!” These treatments work, I believe, at least partially because our minds, our souls, our own energies cooperate. But as time stretches away from that wonderful feeling we had on the couch, the cot, the chair, the bench, the tub, or the pool, we forget. It’s natural.

We forget what it was that relieved our tension and got our energy flowing again. We leave the feeling of bliss behind and tense our muscles tighter and tighter until something has to explode. Then we go back for another treatment.

All health practitioners worth their diplomas know that the body and the mind and the soul are interconnected. Your Age practitioner should be asking you questions about your life and lifestyle. Not because they’re nosy, but because they understand they can’t stimulate your energetic well-being in a vacuum. Personally, I get a kick every time my acupuncturist asks to see my tongue. What’s she looking for? What I had for lunch?

We live in a complex world where multiple realities exist side by side. Sorry, I realize that’s a leap. What I mean is not every treatment works for everybody, and not every body (yes, two words) can accept every treatment. That’s why there is such a wide range of treatments available. And that’s why the good practitioners readily give referrals. “Well, I can help that problem temporarily, but you really should see …” It’s because we’re energetic beings that your energetic well-being is so vital. Respect your body/mind/soul/center. Maintain your energy. Blocked energy can lead to physical ailments, emotional instability, and even bad luck. But that’s the subject of another article.

Mark H. Bloom is an award-winning writer and student of spiritual living, currently enrolled in Dr. Michael Mamas’ Surya Program ( www.drmamas.com ). Mark also is an active member of the Inside Edge. A short story writer and aspiring novelist, he has contributed to four books, the latest of which is “Writing a Professional Life.” He believes in love, laughter, and patience, lessons his pets have taught him.

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