Voices of Hope
By Audrey Hope

Mastery Over Love’s Mystery



“A ‘relation- ship’ is a ride to your wholeness.
Its rough waves are your reflection.
A love story is your mirror ?
To move you to embrace your own anchor to halt the storms.”

It is a mystery whom we choose to love. Trying to understand relationships and trying to be practical with love — is like trying to learn Chinese from a Russian teacher. It doesn’t work. It is the wrong language. You cannot talk to your mind and make sense of your heart.

Love can hurt and it is not supposed to. It is much to love and ask nothing in return. But loving comes with many questions. Why do we sit beside that someone?  Why are there bonds that cannot untie? Is it because of karma?  Past lives? Psychology? Luck?  Randomness? Love can sometimes be the only riddle in your smart, rational life — the only part that can break and mesh you and ply your ego into softness.

Love is your mirror. The other reflects back to you, what you need to heal in yourself. Isn’t it amazing, how you can be anywhere on the planet and find, like a needle in the haystack, the one person who pushes your buttons and reminds you of your mother, father, or last relationship. We are shown through the eyes of another, our sacred wound that calls for mending. The pain revealed is our blessing. It will repeat and turn, and come again and again until  you solve it. And so, we must dig it up and explore it, without blame. There is a jewel in a broken heart.

Women who are from Venus suffer differently than the men from Mars. Women are not programmed for self-esteem. Women learn how to give and play victim, and accept less in their lives. At the end of the affair, they ask, “what did I do wrong?” Women left alone, will always blame themselves. They stay too long. They allow themselves to be with men who don’t commit. They believe they can change a man. Their boundaries lack solidity because they simply do not love themselves enough.

Men suffer in love because they process love later than women, and often lose, in regret. Men possess armor around their heart and ego. Men are afraid of their emotions, and when they begin to acknowledge the pain, it is often too late. The woman has already picked up her heart from the floor and cried all her tears. And so lost love will often haunt a man for many years. If life will hammer at their hearts, and they are aware, they can wake up in time, and seek to love in truth and honesty.

Thank God, a man and a  woman  meet in the yearning for love. Because it is never about the job, the house, the money or the career. In our souls, the call is the same. And, we need each other. Desperately. Passionately. Divinely.

We can survive love’s war, because there are laws in loves’ mystery. They are the inner boundaries that can save. A woman needs self-esteem before she needs a man. And a man needs to break the prison of his ego, before he takes a woman’s hand. You control the mystery of love by living the laws for yourself. There lies the power in the battle.

• Never let anyone treat you badly
• Never settle for less
• Never be afraid to express yourself
• Be willing to lose everything to stand alone in integrity
• Walk away with pain, and don’t look back
• Never seek money from another
• Claim inner peace and freedom as your goal
• Know that God always rewards an act of self-love
 • Explore where you sell out
• Never accept mediocrity
• Speak your truth
• Believe in the beauty of love
• Never give up on the dream

A loving relationship is the gift of heaven. Be Whole. Always. Find it within. Then seek it in another.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu. Audrey is the creator and host of “REEL WOMEN”, an award-winning international talk show dedicated to life altering perspectives. 

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