Money, Sex and Power
Keys to A Sacred Kinship with Self and Other
By Amara Rose



For many years, I had what I came to call “the money theft dreams.” Though the details differed, the theme was always the same. At some point, I would either forget my purse and, when I returned to retrieve it, the cash would be gone; or someone would steal my wallet and take all my money. I’d wake feeling violated at the core, as if an alien force had wrested my identity from me.

Much later, I learned that the energy of both money and sexuality resides on the second chakra (the Sanskrit word for the seven “wheels of energy” that spin from our root to our crown along the spinal column.) Located in the pelvic region, the second chakra is our “survival center,” says renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss, Ph.D. The chakra of relationship, it symbolizes communion with Self and Other. Clearly, my early money theft dreams were telling me I didn’t yet know who I was, and that I was disconnected from the source of this knowing: the energy of creation, the Feminine, my juiciness as a ripening sexual being.

“Disconnection in terms of our sexuality may manifest as aggression, hostility, sexual abuse or sexual dysfunction,” says Myss. Disconnection in terms of money can manifest as financial loss, which my dream portrayed quite literally, or fear of loss of control, which in our culture often expresses as out-of-control spending.  

A fascinating description of this affliction, “affluenza,” originated with a PBS television special that aired in 1997. The report defined this new epidemic as “an unhappy condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste, resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.” Misguided by the notion that we can buy our way into becoming who we want to be, we often end up bankrupt, literally and spiritually. “Retail therapy” is the equivalent of a throat lozenge when we need the spiritual equivalent of rest, warmth and nurturing — healing salves for the soul.

Living in true prosperity requires us to replenish our emotional bank account. It lends a whole new meaning to the term “trust fund.” Since we’ve been schooled to put our trust in a specific income stream as the source of our abundance, rather than in something beyond the dollar sign, even amassing a fortune can feel hollow — just as sex without a heart connection often does.

“Affluenza,” like superficial sex, substitutes for connection with others, confirms prosperity coach, Joan Sotkin. Sotkin, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, says that we can’t run out of money, only people. Because money flows from our connection to others, if you are running out of money, “you are afraid of being left alone or of abandoning yourself. Money is the energy of relationship. How you deal with money is how you deal with your relationship with yourself and others. You have to make that connection in order for the energy to flow back to you,” she says.

Myss expands on Sotkin’s observation in the first of her groundbreaking books, “Anatomy of the Spirit.” She writes, “Money, like energy, is a neutral substance that takes its direction from the intention of the individual. Expressions such as ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ and ‘Talk is cheap’ refer to the cultural view that what people do with their money says more about their motives than any spoken intention. Money is the means through which we make our private beliefs and goals public. Energy precedes action, and the quality of our intentions contributes financially to the results.”

Since the second chakra sacrament is Communion, according to Myss, it represents union with the Divine. In “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can,” she says, “If breaking bread with (someone) is the physical act of communion, Symbolic Communion is the sharing of energetic ‘bread’ with them. When the second chakra is united with the sacrament of Communion in a positive way, it becomes focused on building healthy, clean, and non-threatening relationships to money, power, and sex. A sense of safety is always present, giving one the feeling that no matter what problems arise in one’s physical life, a way out can be found.”

We become truly wealthy by stepping fully into the lifestream. Intriguingly, all of our typical money metaphors contain water imagery: cash flow, liquid assets, currency (currents), reserves (reservoir). “Affluence” literally means, “to flow abundance”! The more we flow with life rather than fight it, the greater will be our own rising tide of prosperity.

This same juiciness translates into a healthy sexuality. Nature is erotic, vital, pulsing with life. When we live this ardor, we are well, wealthy (one definition of “prosperity” is “well-being”.) Repressed, suppressed, depressed, we stop the flow, and often become sick. It’s better to be sexual than sick! Express, and there’s no need for excess. Being in the flow is being in the know (and in the now.)

Medical intuitive, Suzannah Francesconi, who led a “Transforming Your Relationship with Money” workshop I attended several years back, says there is “one energetic pattern we keep living over and over,” and that once we become aware of it and release it, everything shifts. The energetic pattern can be as simple — and insidious — as endogenous fear: a pervasive fear of life that comes from within. I had to confront this fear, which was like a brushfire of the mind, in order to heal my core wounding and fully embrace my life purpose. I see this same terror of stepping confidently into life holding many of my clients and friends in bondage.

We fear our power. As a rule, this is more challenging for women than for men, because traditionally, to be female and powerful has been taboo. In fact, says Francesconi, older women often break their hips because they haven’t dealt with power issues, so the second chakra (which includes the hip area) is blocked. The energy ossifies, and the juicy flow stops. When we are able to be powerful in a loving, generative way (Communion), willing to commit to conscious growth, we also become conscious of how not to give our power away. This pivotal moment we’re living heralds a return to conscious unity among all people and all life on Earth. As we remember and reclaim our wholeness/holiness, we emerge into ourSelves in a “whole” new way. We are morphing out of materialism. If we insist on remaining on “the fast track,” consuming planetary resources at the speed of greed, the money will not follow.

By the same token, as we reclaim our true heritage as Earth stewards, reconnect with our juiciness and creativity, we’ll “get funded” — naturally. True wealth/prosperity/abundance flows from alignment with purpose. “Get with the program” is not a reference to the home-shopping network! It’s about tuning into a higher frequency.

Consider this: from the materialistic perspective, “sliding scale” refers to adjustable fees; as we resonate to a higher octave, sliding scale becomes synonymous with harmony, “The Music of the Spheres.” To reframe one of the most popular songs of an era: we don’t buy The Stairway to Heaven, we climb it — right up the ladder of our chakras to the stars!

May you be abundant, prosperous, richly creative in the endless energy of your Truth, in kindred connection with those around you, and in the flow of knowing the Light and Love that you are.

Amara Rose is a guide for quantum evolution. Her services include transformational coaching, playshops, “Living the Magic” (an e-course for women), and the new Inanna Initiations, to help us step powerfully into our primal awareness and personal authenticity. She may be reached at (800) 862-0157 or via e-mail: . You may visit her on the web at  for complete details, additional resources and support.  

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