How the Amazon Rainforest
Can Improve Our Relationships
By “Amazon John” Easterling



Who would imagine that the Amazon Rainforest could have such a profound impact on our relationships? My numerous experiences in the Rainforest have lead me to believe that the way we view ourselves and the world around us is largely dependent on the chemistry, nutrition and information that our cells have access to. What the Amazon plants have to offer us is unique.

In the remote Rainforest village of Porveneer, Peru, a community of about 120 live harmoniously together. The children and adults experience life relatively disease-free and with vitality rarely seen in the outer world. Their loving interactions with one another reflect this personal balance.

 In our “modern” world here in the United States, millions experience degenerative disease, physical pain, obesity, weakened immune function and absence of vitality. Within families and friendships, we see conflict, divorce, rivalries and jealousy.

Our diet contains at least one clue to this marked dichotomy. Could it be that the wild foods, particularly healing herbs like those found in the Amazon Rain-forest, hold fundamental keys to addressing nutritional deficiencies that rob us of health, thereby disrupting our relationships? My observation says, “Yes!” We have lost our connection to whole, wild foods and the wisdom of the environment from where they’ve come. The good news is we can regain that connection, and in turn, help restore our health and our relationships.

In the Amazon Rainforest, I have learned many lessons from the plants and Indigenous People living there. I have seen the power of synergistic, mutually- beneficial relationships: their relationships with one another, their relationship to the earth, and their relationship to the plants of the Rainforest.

Wild Rainforest plants have grown in virgin soil composting for millennia, free from mechanical disruption, chemicals and pesticides. Strengthening themselves through the process of evolution, they provide unique phyto-nutrition not present in our “domesticated”, commercially grown foods. Our bodies require this “wild nutrition” to restore our optimal health and restore our relationships.

On a direct physical level, herbs affect our emotions. Many relationships suffer because one or more parties experience compromised health and unbalanced emotions. Science documents that depression, anxiety, anger and lack of passion all result, in part, from poor nutrition. Weakened liver function, candida, poor digestion/assimilation, toxicity, weight gain, fatigue and lack of minerals have all been linked to emotional/mental imbalance. How can we engage in healthy relationships with others when we feel uncomfortable and ill within ourselves?

We have found that people can and do experience a new level of health and life experience by consuming wild, rainforest plants. With their health restored and their emotions in balance, relationships are renewed.

Here are a few examples: Special blends of exotic Rainforest herbs can feed our bodies to assist in the fight against candida — as well as bacteria, viruses and other fungus. Our moods can change for the better when our bodies free themselves of these toxic sources and immune disrupters.

Cleansing and nutritious herbs such as Quebra Pedra, Boldo and Jurubeba can gently detoxify the colon and support the liver. In Chinese medicine, anger is sourced from liver dysfunction. After detoxifying and toning the liver, people often experience more peace — an environment essential for relationships to flourish.

For many involved in intimate sexual relationships, lack of vitality and health also affects our sex lives and therefore partnerships. The Amazon Rainforest is famous for sex tonics. People using a formula containing Suma, Maca, Catauba and Muira Puama report enhanced libido, endurance, and sexual pleasure.

Good self-esteem and our ability to love ourselves, enables us to love others, too. Feeling younger and looking younger contributes to our self-worth at a deep level. Suma and Maca feed the body’s hormonal system, thus helping to slow the aging process, and reviving youthful vigor.

At 50, I feel younger and healthier than I did at 30. My experiences with the Rainforest herbs give me a sense of purpose and quality of life I could have never imagined. I call it a whole new level of life experience. Not only do I benefit, but also those I love, for now I resonate with an inner peace, and I more fully appreciate the special gift of others in my life.

The Indigenous People of the Amazon have lived in harmony with one another, with the forest, and with the earth for a long, long time. They have so much to give us — so much to share. From them we can learn about their relationships with one another, their relationship to the earth, and their relationship to the plants of the Rainforest.

Amazon John champions a growing effort to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, empower Indigenous People and bring optimal health to all. For more information on Rainforest preservation and Amazon Herbs please call (800) 362-3975 or visit .  

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