A Formula for World Peace and Happiness
By Brother Ismael



The Quest for Peace and Happiness
Our political leaders promise wonderful economic reforms. Our religious leaders promise peace and happiness, but many postpone it to a time after death when we go to heaven.

While their promises are admirable, they are ineffective. Even when you think you have built the best infrastructure for peace, Fear and Anger will destroy it in seconds like the falling twin towers on September Eleventh. To postpone peace and happiness to a time after death is the acceptance that there is no solution; this is the language of frustration. The scripture says that God created man in His/Her image and likeness. If that is so, the being that God created cannot be a murderer or rapist. In all actuality it is Fear and Anger that murders, rapes, steals, and commits all sorts of crime. It is that same Fear and Anger that builds weapons of mass destruction and wages war.

War between two nations is the expression of anger between those nations; the total anger of the individuals of those nations. When we can touch the fundamental force that drives man to anger and war, we will be on the road to true peace. As it stands now, a powerful nation is determined by the strength of its weapons. A powerful nation MUST be determined by the personal expression of peace and compassion her inhabitants experience.

As spiritual beings we shall continue to live regardless of the fate of the planet. However, while we are in our current body temple we have a unique opportunity to have a multi-dimensional experience of the potentialities of the soul. It is an opportunity we must not waste. Our unique role here is to embrace our obstacles and reveal our spiritual abilities.

The Etherean Mission
At the Etherean Mission, we provide a unique and powerful Spiritual Mind Science known as Soul Processing. Soul Processing does two things.

1. It cleanses the soul of all the restrictive forces, such as fear, guilt, and shame that bind the soul to the past, and releases you to embrace and enjoy the moment.

2. It activates your God abilities.

If we can rid man of anger, fear, guilt, and shame he will awaken to full consciousness and be the joy he or she seeks.

Growing a new world for our children
The Formula for Peace and Happiness for our children is an easy and simple one. It requires three simple programs that must be included as a subject in our school curriculum:

1. We grow a new generation of children without Fear.
2. We grow a new generation of children without Anger.
3. We grow a new generation of children who learn how to discover and celebrate their uniqueness and differences.

The aim of education is to make the individual a better and happy person. However, no one addresses the internal make-up of the child as he or she grows. We know that a secular education is not enough. We also know that a good education alone does not provide the happiness that would fulfill the soul. Though the gorilla does not have a university degree, it survives.

We as humans are not here just to survive and eventually die. It is time for a revolution of values. We need education for the soul. We need to raise children in the knowledge of themselves and empower them to know what is happening to them and why. They need to understand their feelings. They need to be taught how to choose thoughts and feelings that will empower them and make their lives happy. It is up to all of us, not just the parents to teach them this.

I have dedicated my life to finding tools that work. I have developed powerful, yet easy procedures for raising children without fear and anger, and have witnessed children who can discover and celebrate their uniqueness and differences. I call it “Growing the Empowered Child: The Formula for World Peace.”

Together we can build a new generation of people and a world that represent peace, true happiness, joy and freedom. I look forward to sharing my spiritual technologies for both adults and children in my upcoming workshops on my U.S. tour this spring. Peace and Love, Brother Ishmael

For more information about Brother Ishmael, the Etherean Mission, and activities: please see the Etherean Mission website: www.ethereanmission.org  or you may also e-mail us at: Etherean@africaonline.com.gh  Contact numbers in the U.S. are: (760) 632-5527 and (310) 281-6603.

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