Conscious Co-Creation:
Our Path to World Peace
By Drunvalo Melchizedek



“This is new information for the earth. It has long been forgotten by humanity. On my own path I have just learned this amazing knowledge, which I am sharing for the first time.”
                                                                            — Drunvalo

You create your world and your life. God has endowed human consciousness with special abilities so that we can co-create with Source and alter our outer world. We can bring everything back into balance, health and peace. We just need to remember how.

If we do not use our abilities, we and our children and our children’s children will all suffer greatly as the world further disintegrates. Over half of the earth’s life has become extinct in the last 100 years. Either we now take responsibility for the planet, or we will be watching the earth’s biosphere begin to collapse, ending life as we know it. You can save our world. Please care.

We can join together in conscious meditation that will be felt around the world. You will need to convince your mind. There is scientific proof that human consciousness can alter our outer world. In groups, this power becomes focused and much greater. There really is a “force” hidden within the human spirit.

This ability to co-create with God can alter the course of world history, as well as change your personal life, your relationships and your very reason for existing. You can realize ancient abilities to integrate all the parts of yourself so that your prayers actually manifest in the outer world. Create a miracle before your very eyes.

Linking directly and consciously with Mother Earth through love is one of the first steps to empower yourself. You need to learn that there are two ways to manifest in the outer world. One is through the mind and the other is through the heart. The creations of the heart have a unique advantage that changes everything in a special manner.

Meditation and prayer actualize the knowledge we have learned, to begin changing our lives, and to bring peace to our world.

There is no way to know God except through direct experience. You can open your heart and feel the unity and beauty that life has to offer. We are intimately connected to the Source of all life. In the remembering of this information will come an awakening that will dispel the myth of separation and bring you into the very presence of God.

This is my prayer.

Drunvalo, creator of The Flower of Life Teachings, will be in Los Angeles at the Agape International Spiritual Center on Saturday, June 7, 2003. He will be presenting his one-day intensive entitled “Conscious Co-creation, Our Path to World Peace.” Please see our ad on page 15 for more information.  

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