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Joyful Wedding
A Spiritual Path To The Altar Produced & Compiled
By Susan Piver
Susan Piver, author of the best-selling “Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say I Do,” has compiled an important new book with an accompanying CD called “Joyful Wedding: A Spiritual path to the Altar.” As a wedding officiant myself, I find this book to be a refreshing reprise from the monotonous books currently available on the subject of weddings.

The perfect gift to give anyone thinking of getting married, “Joyful Wedding” is a beautifully packaged little book that contains wonderful quotes, journaling exercises, and essays from experts on love and relationships. With chapters ranging from the conscious marriage, to yoga for couples, and of course more hard questions that every couple should ask themselves and each other before making a life long commitment, this precious little book has a sacred essence about it that feels like the soft fragrance of a vase of long-stemmed roses.

Unique suggestions for writing your own sacred vows coupled with two CDs. One has meditations for couples, the other poetry. “Joyful Wedding” is a joyful book that I would highly recommend even for married couples who wish to take a deeper look at their own level of commitment.

Published by Rodale Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.
Reviewed By Dr. Maryel McKinley


Healing a Broken Heart
A Guided Journal through the Four Seasons of Relationship Recovery
By Sarah La Saulle & Sharon Kagan
Why is it that there is so much information written on the subject of grieving and surviving the loss of our loved ones when they die, yet there is not one book I know of that actually guides us through the loss inherent in the divorce or separation experience? Thank you Sarah La Saulle and Sharon Kagan for filling the gap with this brilliant book “Healing a Broken Heart.”

With a clever format of breaking the healing process down into the four seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring, you will now have the opportunity to face the challenge of grieving. Summer stands for a time to remember your hopes and expectations; Autumn will bring you into accepting the breakup and recognizing the things that were not serving your relationship needs; Winter will allow you to deeply feel your loss, and help you get out of despondency; and Spring invites you to examine and understand how your family history may have affected all your past relationships.

A magnificently original and much-needed book, “Healing A Broken Heart” will walk you through the grieving process of your divorce or separation with grace, dignity and clarity into a more illumined process of healing and self-discovery. This book offers a comprehensive step-by-step approach that is easy to digest and understand.

Published By Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster, this book is available at your local bookstore.
ReviewedBy Dr. Maryel McKinley


Build A Better Spouse Trap
A Street Smart Dating Strategy for Men Who Have Lost A Love
By Theodore S. Wentworth
A masterpiece, written with the sensitivity and candor that comes only from one who has been there. “Build a Better Spouse Trap” is a one-of-a-kind book for men who have lost a loved one but would like to reopen the next chapter in their lives and attract a new life-long love. Offering a proven strategy for learning to move through the grieving process, rejuvenating one’s life, and into the land of dating in the 21st century, this unprecedented book holds the answers to so many unanswered questions men may have.

Author Ted Wentworth, who has appeared on Oprah and other national TV shows, will guide you through all the pitfalls that may occur, and will show you exactly when, where, why, and how to fall into the “tender trap” of love for the second time in your life. What a gift Wentworth offers the reader. How many people have the opportunity to have an expert take them by the hand and walk them through what can be the loneliest, most confusing time of their lives? And Wentworth does it with insight, class and style. I cannot say enough about this insightful book that will definitely change the lives of many men and woman who may feel there is no hope for a second go around at life’s greatest gift — the love between a man and a woman.

Published by Evans, NY, this book is available at your local bookstore.
Reviewed By Dr. Maryel McKinley


There Is No Prince
And Other Truths Your Mother Never Told You
By Marilyn Graman & Maureen Walsh
Have you ever fallen in love with someone who wasn’t good for you? Or settled for someone because you didn’t want to be lonely? How about trying to change someone so he would be what you wanted? If you have said yes to any of these questions, then ‘There is no Prince” is the book for you!

Based on the author’s popular 2-day workshop, “Having What You Want in A Man,” “There Is No Prince” addresses the needs you have that may be preventing you from finding and maintaining a healthy relationship. A must for every woman with relationship issues, this gem is packed full of suggestions and information you can start working on the moment you open the book. “There Is No Prince” is one of the most informative, practical and enlightening books on this subject matter available on the market today. In an era where everyone is a self-imposed expert on the subject of relationships, it is refreshing to have two women who really are experts in this field — women who have devoted their entire careers to studying this elusive subject matter, and offering the best of what they find to all of us seekers! So if you are raising your hands to the sky in desperation wondering why all of your princes keep turning into frogs, this book is the only guide you will ever need to learn how to have the relationship you deserve!

Published by Life Works Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.
Reviewed By Dr. Maryel McKinley


Parting Notes
A Connection with the Afterlife
By April Crawford
In the fascinating and illuminating book, “Parting Notes,” psychic medium April Crawford shares over one hundred letters she received while in a trance state, letters from people who have passed from the physical plane and have gone on to something more fantastic, more peaceful and more amazing than we can imagine with our limited human experience.

These letters are “parting notes,” or last messages sent through April from the other side as a way to help communicate to her readers that there is nothing to fear after we die, and to give last messages to loved ones. The letters and transmedium writing didn’t start until author, April Crawford, had been a talented medium for over a decade. One day, she picked up a pen and handed her husband a message on a piece of paper that said, “There is someone here with a letter.  Fetch me a piece of paper.”

What resulted was an amazing journey between channeler, pen and paper — recording the uncanny messages of people who have passed onto the other side. These beautiful and eloquent messages are all unique in that they are clearly not the channeler’s personality, because they seem to have a distinct flavor of their own. These letters from the dead that have culminated into a wonderful book must be the real thing as they are emotionally convincing, profound and brilliant.

You will find this book to be of great comfort if you are wondering what happens after we die. An intriguing read for believers and skeptics alike.

Published by 1st books, this book is available at your local bookstore and at
Reviewed By Cindy Weismann  

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