Body Mind & Spirit Expo
 Opening Doors to Alternatives for Health and Wellness
By Steve Strickland



Now in its 17th year, Body Mind & Spirit Expos has become the largest health and wellness expo in the United States. With a presence in 25 states and expanding, Body Mind & Spirit creates an arena for the general public to increase their knowledge of alternative health and metaphysical topics. An attendee at the Seattle, Washington show summed up the feelings of many visitors seeking alternatives to western medicine, Im tired of being drugged from the prescriptions I take, so Im here to see what natural medicines and herbs would be good for me instead.

Body Mind & Spirit Expo opens doors that may not be readily available in many cities around the country. Expo founder, Steve Strickland, hopes that by providing these venues, those in search of change will be enabled to take charge of their own well-being. He encourages taking a skeptical approach to the metaphysical ideas presented, while remaining open to the possibilities that will unfold. We live in a much larger world than we normally think about, and skepticism takes a backseat when we see things proven.

Originating in Ashland, Oregon in 1987, BMSE has always maintained an equal emphasis between national holistic topics and local presenters. As the company evolved into Body Mind & Spirit Expos the awareness of our venues grew, and we now present semi-annually throughout the west, southeast, and mid-western states. In the coming year, Body Mind & Spirit will expand yet again to include over 65 expos scheduled in 30 states coast to coast.

Coming to Long Beach for the first time on May 31-June 1 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Body Mind & Spirit Expo will bring to life a positive, healing environment. Here they have gathered the best from your community and joined them with others from throughout the country to provide the essential tools for discovering overall health and well-being.

Body Mind & Spirit exhibitors introduce the tools necessary for achieving full body wellness. Retail exhibitors will offer everything from natural and holistic health products to spiritual books and enlightened art, while our healers provide treatments ranging from massage and yoga techniques to intuitive readings extending advice to those seeking enlightenment regarding their current life course.

Along with our 60-plus exhibitors, the two days of the expo will feature 40 free lectures including topics on the power of crystals and guided healing meditations.

Weekend admission of $10 includes all lectures and demos as well as admission to the exhibit hall. Come rejuvenate! Get a massage, soak in a detoxifying footbath, and open yourself to new ideas, familiar revelations or shift your perspective altogether. The expo offers a safe environment for growth and exploration, so mark your calendars for May 31-June 1.

For further information, please call (541) 482-3722.  

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