By Nancy Brady



Heart Relationships The heart holds a revered place in many different cultures for being the seat of wisdom and feeling. In addition to the qualities of love and compassion commonly associated with the heart, there is also an intelligent quality that belongs to the heart. Ancient cultures in Egypt held that the heart was the primary organ for valid decision-making. And the “shen” that lives in the heart, according to Chinese medicine, can be translated as “mind” and “spirit”, with both being attributes of the heart.

Energetically the heart is the central chakra, bringing together the lower body energies and the higher symbolic energies. Physically, it is the central powerhouse where the body’s communication and the head’s communication meet. From this perspective the heart holds within it all informational energies from above and below. There is also recent scientific data showing that there are twice as many scalar waves present in the heart chakra than in our other energy centers. Could this indicate that the heart has greater significance within our body’s energetic system?

A heart relationship that is profoundly meaningful in our lives today is also found in old Chinese texts with illustrations of thin strands connecting the heart and the brain. This speaks of the partnership of the head with the heart.

In my practice I have seen numerous people with symptoms of neck pain associated with this relationship. Through the healing process it comes to light that a main contributing factor in many cases is the person’s tendency to assert their will from an intellectual perspective while ignoring the heart’s influence. By bringing the head and the heart into balance, the fifth chakra, the center of will located between the head and the heart, no longer carries undue pressure and the neck comes back into alignment.

Since modern life can draw heavily on our ability to manage stress, it is not so surprising that in many workplaces people feel a pull to assert will and control from their head. Yet, a greater balance with the heart’s intelligence is clearly needed here.

This idea of the heart having intelligence is a new idea to many people. Previously, separation of intelligence and feeling was commonplace, assigning thoughts to the brain as intelligence and feeling to the heart as a lesser player in our life. Often what the heart tells us is not what the determined head wants to hear, so the heart’s message is denied. These two interactive sources are very different, yet both working together are important for our health.

The intelligence of the heart is deeper and more encompassing than standard forms of mental intelligence because it comes from data sources that include emotions. These emotional states affect heart rhythms that in turn affect the brain’s ability to make decisions. If the head and heart are not communicating clearly, one center will dominate the other. When the heart and the brain are congruent, there is an intuitive clarity that is exchanged, creating an enhanced overall intelligence.

It is this combined intelligence of the heart and the head that strengthens us. With the heart and the brain working together we make unified decisions that support us in a healthier life. Understanding the importance of the heart and the deciding influence it has with the rest of the body is a relationship well worth discovering and embracing.

Nancy Brady is a practitioner specializing in emotional healing to support physical and mental health. She is a certified DNA & Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, a certified SHEN
practitioner and a medical and spiritual intuitive. Nancy can be contacted at (949) 487-1551. Or you may visit her website at 

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