By Audrey Hope



 “To attract the lady of grace or the knight in shining armor, you have to become the counterpart first. Look at you. You need to come to resolution in your own psychology. The magnet of your wholeness will attract your other.”
— Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Our art and literature throughout the ages abounds with famous lovers who have been twin flames — Dante and Beatrice; Lancelot and Guenevre; and Romeo and Juliet. In the cynicism of our age, we have lost the belief in pure love. But, we don’t have to give up on storybook perfection. There is still hope and everyday can be an opportunity to return to the garden and the bliss of love.

For several years I have heard about the concept of the twin flame love, and decided to learn more about it. I discovered the book, “Soul Mates and Twin Flames” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. In her discourse on the spiritual dimension of relationships, she defines three kinds of love — the soul mate, the karmic partner and the twin flame. In our lives we may experience more than one kind of love, but the supreme relationship is the twin flame. I truly believe that knowledge of this kind can answer a lot of unanswered love questions, like “Why am I in this relationship and what am I supposed to learn?” Thinking on this level can help us, where psychotherapy cannot.

What is the twin flame? It is your divine other self. It is your other half, the one who was created with you in the beginning, created by God out of a single white-fire body into two spheres of being — one as masculine polarity and one as feminine. Both have the same blueprint, but like the design of a snowflake, is unique in all the cosmos. The twin is the person you are on the other side of yourself. Meeting your twin is the most sacred of all love experiences.

This kind of relationship is not based on compatible personalities, human experience, or your astrology. You are a twin soul by origin in the same sphere of being. It may appear in many forms of relation and the age of the body has nothing to do with the age of the soul. You may be 20- he/she may be 60, or he/she may come in the form of husband/wife, father/daughter or sister/brother — whatever serves the higher good.  

We are meant to be together. This is how it is supposed to be. Aeons ago, you and your twin stood before the father/mother god and volunteered to come to earth to be an instrument of God’s love. Early life was bliss and was meant to remain so. But then there was the fall — the Garden of Eden story. Most scriptures contain this story of the fall of man and woman. Through fear, mistrust, separation from the source and misuse of the light, we got lost and then spent eternity crying out for wholeness and reuniting with our twin flame.

Truly, we are souls on a homeward path and love is the way home. On the road, we sometimes meet our soul mates. A soul mate is another kind of love and is “like the echo of oneself working at the same task to fulfill a blueprint of God”. It can be a relationship of peace and encountered to fulfill a special project. And sometimes we meet our karmic relationship. We all know this one.

Karmic loves, are the ones that bind. These feel like a tremendous weight upon the heart and we run to greet the other person, to set us free from the imprisonment of our own past transgressions. This is a very gnawing condition that troubles our consciousness, until it is resolved by love. The faster we learn, the faster we can be liberated to take the next step in the divine plan. Karmic relationships compel the highest expression of love in order to be free.

You don’t have to believe in karma, or call this karma to know this is true. If you don’t balance ultimately and finally what there is between you and your other, you will just have to re-enter another relationship and face the same issues. Relationships are our mirror and are blessed because they reflect back what we need to confront in ourselves. We have the experience, so we will be weaned from our wounds. Even a bad relationship is best for soul resolution.

Sex and marriage are opportunities to develop wholeness through the exchange of alpha/omega polarity. These are unions that exchange sacred light energy, the transferring of our casual bodies and the depth of “mutual burden bearing” that true progress requires. When consecrated by the higher realms, with an eye on the divine, they can yield love, children, inspiration and art. This selfless love understands a higher mission and sees a world that needs to be saved.

Unless relationships are transformed by the spiritual, it will leave us empty. When not entered in this way, the two may have physical pleasure but can get lost, no longer knowing who they really are. We see this because of the pain. If relationships were only physical, then separation and divorce would not be so devastating. Endings are surgery that pulls apart the “two who have become one”. The battles in breakups, are truly about defining oneself again, apart from the other.

The key to finding pure love, the twin, is our relationship with our higher self. No matter who sits besides us, we must work from the principles of love and forgiveness. We must first define our own identity, before we can magnetize the twin. We must achieve self-mastery. We must decide to be complete in ourselves, and by the magnet of our wholeness, we will attract the other.

Love is the greatest gift on earth. True love is putting the beloved first. What gift do you bring to your beloved?  Pretend you are the other person and see yourself walking towards him/her. Are you as wonderful as the person you desire to be with? Do you have the capacity to magnetize the person you want as your divine polarity?

Your twin flame is longing for wholeness to complete his own, so together you are two complete beings. Make yourself irresistible to angels. This is key to pure love.

Audrey Hope is the creator and host of “REEL WOMEN”, an award-winning international talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. Write to hhopesvoice@aol.com  with stories of hope in our city.  

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