By Kay Walburger

Annette Blanchard, Radio Show Host of Health in Action News, Says . . .
“Your Glowing Good Health Is Your Most Priceless Possession!” “All your relationships are enhanced by your Wellness of Body, Mind, & Spirit!”



 “It is really important that we talk about ‘relationship’ with our own bodies and ourselves. People come to me very often in pain wanting me to ‘fix’ them after a sports injury, a pulled muscle, or other physical injury. They think that, because I offer treatment programs based on therapeutic massage, aquatic and land rehabilitation programs and natural alternatives for pain and healing, that they have done all they can do,” explains Annette Blanch-ard. “I immediately begin an education process for my clients because I know their recovery and general health will be greatly improved with the knowledge and wisdom I teach them regarding their own body’s recovery mode.”

“It is very important that people begin a communication relationship with their body. First I teach them to start ‘listening’ to their body. Most of the time they are disconnecting with their pain instead of listening to the message the body is trying to give them. They take aspirin for pain. For a muscle spasm they take an anti-inflammatory. Athletes often take pain relievers that numb the body out to their pain and continue to play and compound their injury further.”

Pain is Your Body’s Protective Mechanism!
“Pain is your body’s protective mechanism it tells you . . . “Hey, something is not quite right, something is going on you need to pay attention to!” “I teach people to listen to their body and ‘feel their pain’! Stop ignoring it or medicating it away! Not until you connect to your body and its pain can you create healing! We all need to be in partnership with our body. Healing is a process to Health!  We can assist our bodies in the ongoing healing process to glowing good health by becoming a team player with our amazing bodies! Our bodies will let us know when something is working or not . . . just listen!”

My motto is ‘Health in Action’. That means you are never too old or too young to help your body, mind and spirit be healthy. I believe health allows you to be more ‘active’ and that enhances all your personal and professional relationships. I also believe you must be ‘active’ in maintaining or recovering you body, mind and spirit to radiant health! For me Health is an Action!”

“As people come to me with their aches and pains and I begin my therapeutic massage process, I begin to take a look at their life for clues. Sometimes what is going on in their life is what is going on in their body. I begin to take a look at what is the root of the pain they are experiencing?  May-be they work too much! Maybe it’s the stress of a relationship. Maybe it’s that they are not eating correctly, etc.”

“I begin to teach them to listen, to look, and to speak to their own body and make the connection for their health’s sake. In our society we are conditioned to ignore pain and hope it goes away, or worse yet, medicate every ache and pain. This creates disconnection from your body’s mode of operation and communication. I once heard an analogy that makes sense to me,” continues Annette.

“If you had a exquisite Rolls Royce to drive, who would dream of putting masking tape over the dash lights that tell you your Rolls needs oil, water, or gas????”  I don’t think so! It makes me shutter to think what would happen to that work of art! It would grind to a halt, freeze up, and melt the engine! Yet, every day we do that, to the absolute miracle that is our body, mind and spirit — more priceless than all the Rolls Royces put together!”

“Healing takes place first in your ‘Mind’ then it permeates down to your body. It is not egotistical to have a ‘love affair’ with your body’s health!  It is honoring to your Spirit, and the ‘Rolls’ it drives around in! Take the same care of your body as you would the most precious thing you own and you will glow and be healthy, wealthy, wise of body, mind and spirit!”

Annette Blanchard a Woman with a Mission!
“I look at myself as an educator and a motivator. When people come into me for a massage I realize they will get more value from me if I can teach them how to appreciate the workings and esthetics of their body. This became my mission early in my career. I always wanted to know how and why things work in our Body, Mind, and Spirit? Now I feel it is important to teach others the truth.”

“At an early age I was an athlete and played a lot of sports. I was interested in the human body, anatomy, and how things work. I became fascinated with emergency medicine. I got involved with first aid and became a swimming instructor and national lifeguard for a while and did a lot of water rescue work.”

“I ended up at the University of Calgary in Canada doing lifeguard work and became an athletic trainer because of my aptitude and love of anatomy. I opted to take classes that satisfied my desires to know more about how the human body works.”

“I kept myself fit by working out at a gym and was hired to help people use the equipment. My Anatomy and Physiology classes came in handy here because sometimes a person came in with a back injury/problem and should not use certain equipment until they had recovered fully. I also knew we had equipment that would help to strengthen their muscles and would facilitate recovery.”

 “I could be a real help to different categories of athletes. I could help football players because I understood which muscle groups made demands on their body as opposed to the high diver or swimmer. The relationship of muscles and sport injury became very clear to me now. Some nurses invited me to take a massage class and I started to use massage therapy on the injured athletes. They healed in half the time. That got my attention as part of my work as an athletic trainer was to rehabilitate joints or torn ligaments using physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, and tapping, etc. Now, by adding massage I was more effective, and remember this was over twenty years ago when it was very new.”

“I learned that sports injury, such as tears, cause scar tissue and certain massage techniques prevent scar tissue from forming. This is important because scar tissue limits range of motion.

“Currently I use this same knowledge with women who have had a mastectomy. I teach them fitness conditioning and I look at my clients from preventive, rehabilitative, and nutritional aspects. I educate them to natural ways and products that fight infection and aid recovery.

Radio Show ‘Health in Action News’ a Wealth of Info!
“Health in Action News” is broadcast every Wednesday at 9 to 10 a.m. on KUCI 88.9 FM.  Annette’s passion is exploring the latest research and discoveries, which enhance the health of her listeners. She interviews Doctors, Natural Healers, Teachers, Authors, Artists, and Public Speakers, presenting a banquet of information on all subjects related to a health of body, mind, and spirit!” Annette Blanchard, HHP, NCTBW, brings her high energy and twenty years of professional and personal experience in the field of health and fitness, to her Holistic Sports Spa, “Health In Action”. Her Spa in Newport Beach offers treatment programs based on education that utilizes ancient principles in healing, with the use of therapeutic massage and skin care, aquatic and land rehabilitation programs and natural alternatives for pain and healing.

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