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Spiritual Remote Viewing with Sean David Morton



 Sean David Morton claims to have a knack. He sees the future. This skill didn’t come about easily though. In 1985 he went on a spiritual quest which took him around the world.  He traveled to England and Ireland, where he became involved with the Green Stone saga (the Green Stone was a mystic jewel that was passed on from the Knights of Templar). He studied at the Dalai Lama school in Dharamsala, India, and then practiced and studied healing, meditation and astral projection in Nepal, near the foot of Mt. Everest. It was at this monastery in Nepal, where he learned time travel and the ability to view events in the past and future. This ability to view  past and future events put him on the map of  who’s who on the paranormal lecture circuit.

Since his odyssey in the 1980’s, Sean David Morton is often heard on the Art Bell radio talk show. He has also appeared on, written, directed, produced and consulted for many television programs, including Hard Copy, Strange Universe, Sightings, Now It Can Be Told, Unsolved Mysteries, and The Other Side.

Recently, Sean began a new odyssey, an odyssey which will bring him across the country teaching others some of the paranormal skills that he garnered from his spiritual quest in the 1980’s. Specifically, he’s on a mission to teach the fundamentals of Remote Viewing, along with a host of other spiritually oriented abilities.

Remote Viewing is “a technique for using the unconscious mind to gain direct knowledge of distant, hidden, or unknown targets such as people, places, objects, or events.”

In the 1970’s, it became apparent that the Soviets were making great strides in the subject of mental espionage and were spending  millions of rubles on remote viewing research. The American intelligence community was becoming concerned. Stanford Research Institute was commissioned to look into operative modalities that could duplicate and eventually outperform the Soviet successes. The findings were later adapted by the U.S. Military’s Project Stargate. The military utilized remote viewing along with a host of other information sources to help in security and intelligence matters.

Realizing that remote viewing could not only be used in military and security matters, Sean led the way in utilizing remote viewing techniques for “peaceful, loving, healing and personally-enriching purposes,” hence, the use of the phrase Spiritual Remote Viewing, to describe his workshops.

The Workshop
“Sean’s unique synthesis of East/West, right brain/left brain techniques will allow you to unlock your psychic abilities in a profound and life-changing way.” “Learn how to see inside of a sealed black envelope.” “Gain access to past life experiences and even future places and events.” “Learn how to generate emotional and material abundance.” The brochure that was mailed to me sounded intriguing. And since I’m a wanna believer in just about anything, coupled with my insecurity about the future after the September 11 attack, I was an easy sell.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one influenced by the promotional declarations regarding the workshop. The San Diego workshop was sold out, as was the one in Pasadena. Sean David Morton had struck a chord in many believers and wanna believers.

The San Diego workshop ran from 10:00 a.m. to a little after 7:00 p.m. The topics covered in the morning session were the Seven Tibetan Exercises, designed to activate the chakras, balance the body’s energy fields and heal disease, the Taoist Stance of Immortality, a position that seals energy into the body and taps into the power at the center of the earth, the Violet Fire Meditation, a technique  that allows students to burn out stress, disease, and negativity, and the Twelve Chakra Activation, a means of re-energizing the dormant energy fields of the body.

In the afternoon session we covered Male/Female Partner Balancing,  the Chant of “All Knowing,” a chant that predates even Sanskrit texts, the God Force Meditation, allowing for the experience of ultimate bliss, Spiritual Remote Viewing Basics, and the Starship Construct, a process that enables one to access all information in the infinite holographic universe. We also learned about Setting Co-ordinates, a method of giving a specific address to an event, person, place or thing in the space/time continuum and successfully traveling to it, Past life Travel, and Associative Remote Viewing, a means of refining the remote viewing experience.

Sean demonstrated some of his remote viewing skills to the group by predicting in what area of a roulette wheel the ball would fall. He also dazzled the group with other envisioning skills using photos sealed in envelopes.

Under ordinary circumstances, covering one or two of the topics listed in the promotional brochure in an all-day seminar would have been sufficient. But, Sean did have the ability to communicate rapidly, which put one’s note taking skills to the test! So, the day was non-stop — energy filled, with a lot, I mean — a lot — to absorb and contemplate in the days following the seminar.

If you’re a believer or just a wanna believer, and this column piqued your interest, Sean will be giving these one-day seminars across the country in the coming months.

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