The Power of Hope
By Ralph Carpio



 Is hope an asset or a liability? Is it a commodity or a waste of time? Take a look at the following and see if you notice a pattern: Wishing upon a star, blowing out birthday candles, stepping on a crack that breaks your mother’s back, dropping a coin in a well or a fountain. If you look closely, you will observe a common factor. In each of these concepts, all power and control is placed outside the self.

The power is in the star, the candle, the crack in the sidewalk, or in the well or fountain. The source of the change is always placed away from the self. In some cases you are not even permitted to voice aloud your wish because to do so cancels your wish and you don’t want to tempt the fates.

But does this make hoping or expecting a useless state of mind? I have found that when your hope is placed outside of yourself, you may be setting yourself up for a fall. After years of frustrating, seemingly futile attempts to steer my life in certain directions, I fell into a deep depression. After some soul searching, I discovered this was directly related to a feeling of helplessness, which translated into a lack of hope.

However, I took these feelings and began a deep, internal search that led me right back to myself as the source of power and change. When you internalize the concept of self as the ultimate power, you position yourself to make valid and concrete changes in your life. My new inner vision led me to an understanding of connection. I began to see with crystal clarity that we could change the conditions and circumstances of our lives through our ability to connect with different possibilities.

We can accomplish this by using our allowing energy, which is the very essence of our being. It became very apparent to me that I was a being of choice, which inherently makes me a being of power. The irony is that while there is no power in the birthday candle itself, there can be enormous power when you use the candle or other symbol as an extension of your power.

Note the subtle shift when the power is moved from the candle or the crack in the sidewalk and placed within you. Why is this internal responsibility important to recognize? If we desire a more peaceful, compassionate world, we won’t find it by denying its possibility or by believing the force for that change is millions of miles away.

We will purposely create such a world by knowing that it is available and that our own energy can allow it to unfold. Hope placed outside of us may end up doing more harm than good. Hope that is transformed into an understanding and acceptance of our own amazing creative power can change everything.

Ralph Carpio is the author of “The Constant Creator In You” published by Rainbow Books. To read more or to contact him, you may visit his website at .

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