By Jesse Anson Dawn

Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the Question:
“Please explain why you are called ‘The Man With The Pineal Plan?’ ”

Dear Readers,
The “mysterious” pineal gland is an essential part of my CE Mindpower system — a system (now more than two decades in the making) which puts together the multitude of pieces which form the Universal Mystery that we have come to call (quite simply) “aging.” A crucial clue to solving this mystery was uncovered in the previous issue of Awareness, where I described the importance of knowing that skin is a voluntary muscle, an organ that can be primarily renewed via impulses that start in the center of brain, amid the pineal.

For just as all motors need an ignition switch to be turned on, pineal power can be activated by a simple process I call Inity, whereby you consciously direct the self-renewing, electrical body current which, due to its lack of an “official” name, I call creationary energy (CE). I call it creationary (a word found only in the largest dictionaries) because the process of creation is what my mindpower system is all about.

Indeed, central-brain mind-power is the KEY to TRUE rejuvenation, and as rejuvenation energy (CE) is primarily generated by the pineal, it surely helps to have a basic understanding of this vital organ which has (erroneously) come to be known as:

The Organ of “Unknown” Function
Located directly in the middle of the brain, behind the eyes and the pituitary gland, the mighty pineal is one of the few body parts not paired or divided into halves, giving it an egg-like singularity indicative of a highly vital organ. Noteworthy is the fact that the pineal is located in the brain’s “reticular” system, centered in the neural network which directs every cell of the body via energy circuits that control all physical function. All of which centers on the fact that the central (pineal/pituitary/hypothalamus) region of the brain is the first thing formed at the beginning of physical life, the very root of the fetus, further evidence of the pineal’s key role in physical creation and re-creation.

Loosely named the “pineal” because of its vague resemblance to a pine cone, this perplexing gland was elevated to a lofty position when, in the mid-17th century, the famous French writer-researcher, Rene Descartes, dubbed it, “the place where the body meets the soul.” And since then the pineal has been a source of constant conjecture, an organ which, among other things, has been dubbed the “third eye” (perhaps due to its closeness to the optic nerves which V-together in the brain’s mid-section). But my research finds that the pineal is much more of an ignition switch than an organ affecting optical vision, for it triggers an essential mind-to-body connection much like the ignition-switch starts the motor of a car.

All of which brings us to address the various “scientific community” claims that the pineal has “no clear function,” but in answer to that notion, let me again emphasize this:

Why would the Grand Creator place an organ in the very center of the brain only to say, “Whoops, sorry, we don’t really need that?” I find such so-called “scientific” rationales absurd, and it’s this “never-mind-whatever-we-don’t-really-understand” type of thinking that keeps humanity perpetually misunderstanding our bodies, especially when it comes to the pineal, an organ so overlooked that most biology and anatomy books continue to depict the human brain without including the pineal. Even the popular textbook that I quote from in The Rejuvenator’s Bible, the  college level text called Biology: The World of Life, fails to include the pineal in any of its many illustrations of the brain, and even omits it from its highly detailed index. (But it does have a section about pine cones).

The Mighty Central Organ’s “Day Job”
It has dawned on me that the pineal has been denied its true importance mainly because its principal job is to radiate waves of ENERGY, while biological science only recognizes what is three dimensional material — whatever can be readily seen, bottled or dissected, put into a test tube, or seen with a microscope.

However, while the power of the brain’s light and sound waves remains largely unexplored, light and sound currents have become firmly established as the invaluable springboard of radios, TVs and telephones. But despite the out-of-body commercial success involved with emanations of light and sound, the need to uncover the vast benefits of inner mind-light persists. And as I can’t seem to find any other truly effective accounts of this complicated science, apparently the job rests largely on the shoulders of little “old” me — Mr. “Youthman” personified — agelessness authenticated — “The Man With the Pineal Plan.”

Although I’m far from alone when it comes to interest in pineal power, for many researchers are now uncovering facts about how this gland has at least one established function, i.e., the recent discovery that the pineal secretes a hormone which helps us sleep, a substance which you’ve probably heard the latest “wonder pill” hype about — melatonin. And yet far more than just a night-shift organ which secretes melatonin while we rest, my findings reveal that the phenomenal pineal has a very important day-job as well, an organ which accomplishes, among other things, the following functions:

1. Perpetual renewal of every cell of one’s body via pineal-generated energy/light-waves of mindpower current (CE).

 2. Vitality-producing conversions of metaphysical to physical energy.

3. Maintaining the health and coloration of skin and hair by activating melanin (an energy and pigment-producing substance).

4. Nighttime hormonal (melatonin) inducement of rest and relaxation.

All in all, by fulfilling both positive action and negative ground, this marvelous little, bean-sized, central-brain device activates most of the electric “current” necessary to run the fully functioning miracle-machine which is the human body. And as to how we can help activate the many metaphysical miracles of the pineal (along with stimulating its central-brain partner, the mighty pituitary), I’ll get further into that in the next issue of Never “Old”.

Meanwhile, let me again wish you a happily re-birthing springtime, and as ever — happy rejuvenating!

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