By Chuck Diliberto



An Ancient Journey
Domo Records
The allure of a world searching for its roots is reflected in Kitaro’s “An Ancient Journey”. The ancient world’s secrets and mysteries are slowly being revealed to an international culture hungry for simpler truths and meanings that are in departure from the technocracy driving today’s civilization.

Kitaro has always expressed a dramatic musical flair in his compositions, merged with his devout Spirituality, and the exploration of exotic locations through his music became a logical scenario. Kitaro’s ability to transport the listener to faraway dreamscapes is his gift. Close your eyes and hidden forces move you to foreign lands at a time when written history is sketchy at best.

 The sights, sounds and smells of a forgotten village are awakened within our elemental senses. A desert breeze caresses our cheeks; off in the distance a river lazily flows by, vendors are everywhere as the smell of exotic spices and scents permeate the air. This glimpse ends and is replaced with a sense of awe and mystery, surrounding us, as we enter into a magical land where the mystical is ordinary and commonplace.

Kitaro’s music is for those with an advanced sense of adventure. His lack of limitations is presented as a step off zone into the etheric soundscape of his making. He has mastered the multi-purpose abilities of his synthesizer to capture his feelings, moods, and ponderings of his soul. His journey is our journey, delivered compassionately and openly, inviting all to follow as he is swept by the winds of cosmic inspiration and inquisitiveness.

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Planet Yoga
Various artists
Karuna Music/Triloka Records
Ostensibly there is a growing interest in all things related to living a Spiritual life. The upheaval of the American dream during the turbulent 1960’s left a Spiritual void coupled with distrust in conventional religions. Slowly, over the years, Eastern mysticism worked its way West, filling in the void by offering deeper meanings to life. Devotional hymns were chanted as mantras for opening our divine hearts, sensibly steering away from conventional accepted shared belief indoctrination.

The exploration of Indian devotional chants, combined with neo-contemporary and traditional cultural music, has brought the East-West merger closer. In “Plan-et Yoga” many of the chants are centuries old, some are recent compositions, but all of them harkening an unconditional love borne of Spirit. Each song represents the unlayering, the unfettering of the performer’s soul. Purity and clarity pour forth from vulnerable souls, sometimes whispering sweetly, other times selflessly giving themselves over to the feelings swelling within an awakened heart.

The songs are delivered sincerely, gracefully defining love’s intent, purpose and devotion. The music pulses and reverberates with personality and style. Each artist has a personal interpretation of the chants, shaping their direction and meaning with an intimate sensitivity towards the unseen divine realm.

“Planet Yoga” is a modern interpretation of an ancient art of devotion. It is wonderful to feel and hear the awakening of many souls at a time when the darkness is trying to dim and confuse matters. Much needed, simply beautiful.

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Room With A View
Henri Salvador
Blue Note Jazz Series
Jazz performers seem to last forever, add to this list 84-year-old French crooner, Henri Salvador. A household name in France, Salvador was nudged out of retirement and paired with younger Jazz contemporaries. Salvador was a member of Django Reinhardt’s band in the mid-1930’s. His friendship and collaboration with Quincy Jones in 1960 has led to Salvador’s being rediscovered by a generation of Jazz performers and composers in awe of this living relic.

The music is unmistakably Jazz, smooth, silky, sweet, gentle, and hopelessly romantic. Salvador whispered love songs in our ears, wooing us with a French chivalry that bespoke of nobility with a suave’ flair. His unassuming delivery captured the essence of his Jazz roots, professing a romanticism that could not be faked or forced. Henri Salvador represents the archetype of French lover, lost in a romantic world of women enjoying gentlemen pouring out their hearts in streams of emotion, drenched in flowing wine and the smell of roses. The lost art of swooning was refreshingly brought back to life, innocently, with no pretensions; the listener is privy to the intimacy of falling in love. Love with a childlike naiveté’, comforting, relaxing, removed from the world.

“Room With A View” offers an opportunity to take a step back in time, a simpler place, much less complicated in the approach to falling in love. Toujour L’amor (always love) was a way of life, not an empty dream with an unfulfilling future. Thank you Henri for reminding us how easy it is to love purely for the sake of loving.

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I’ll Take Romance
Beegie Adair
Green Hill Music
Hopeless romantics can take up residence in the musical world created by Beegie Adair in “I’ll Take Romance”. Adair has an aptitude for the Jazz stylings made poplar by Miles Davis and John Coltrane. She has a patient, nurturing approach to her melodies. Her fingers graced the piano keyboard, rippling melodic bursts with pizzazz; caressing single note splashes into subtle emotional releases.

Beegie Adair has developed an intuitive vocal phrasing in her melodies. Her voice is sweetly expressed through her timing and tempos. The piano keys are attached with her heartstrings, reverberating with an infinite romanticism. Love swirls in tropical breezes permeated with the smell of flowers and exotic fruits. Lovers are touching and dancing, moments of timelessness pass between the couples, the flames of passion are heating up, embracing, starry eyed, we are madly in love, the music plays on.

There is obviously a time and place for everything, yet getting in the mood holds precedence over everything else. Beegie Adair has created a mood of relaxed sensuality, emotionally close and sensitive, with plenty of room for fantasy and imagination. “I’ll Take Romance” is an instant mood alterer, transporting the listener to the la la land of love, a magical Kingdom where we can all make believe that this is how it is for everyone. I believe.

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Into Orbit
Kev Oz
Kevin Osborn wants to take you on a journey of infinite possibilities. His techno-pop space ship is fueled with hypnotic beat dance grooves. The kind of groove that tugs at your body and soul, shaking out the cobwebs with asymmetric beats that connect the mind with the feet.

The journey took on another level of exploration when Osborn created a melodic New Age theme, replete with undulating rhythms and synthesizer effect aimed at titillating our cosmic senses. The music was composed to awaken an alien sensibility within us by stretching familiar soundscapes with oddly syncopated, often weird sounding dreamscapes. In this diffusion of sound a new reality was being shaped, only without guidelines or guardrails to reference.

The further “Into Orbit” Kevin Osborn decided to go, the stranger the journey became. Alien sensibilities were replaced by alien entities sitting beside us, dispensing feelings akin to love, but definitely not the love we’ve grown accustomed to here on planet Earth. Osborn was not intent to stay in one place; his musical journey was not predicated to going home. His interests were better invested discovering out-of- the-way places that bordered on the unknown.

Kevin Osborn ended his musical journey with some mystical musings on the nature of humankind, soul and God. The music pulsed with optimism and heart, cajoling the traveler to listen to the nuances of life, no matter how different or away from our own reality mechanisms they may be. Interesting.

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.  

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