By Scott and Shannon Peck

Expanding A Relationship to Ultimate Love



 How high can Love go? No limit! So how high can your intimate relationship go? No limit again if you are tuned to Love. That’s why it’s so important to see your most treasured relationship spiritually. Spiritual love has no limits. This is the highest place of vision for a relationship to expand to ultimate love. From this vision, Love’s doors fling open to infinite expansion. No limits. Here are some ways to expand your love relationship on the way to infinity.

1. Cherish each other through the eyes of Love. Love vastly expands as we see our love mate through the eyes of Love and flow with reverence for our love mate’s spiritual qualities. Such cherishing brings into great clarity the central fusion of light that bonds two lovers. When two people look into each other’s soul with the eyes of Love, their relationship opens to all love’s possibilities.

2. Give gratitude for what makes your heart sing. Make a list of the top ways you each most value each other. Then share your ways in a sweet simple ceremony when you are in a quiet setting and alone together. Such sharing reminds each of you of your enormous value to each other. Love continually tells us how lovely and valuable we are.

3. Identify ways of expanding your love. Love often means different things to each partner. What are several ways you could each bring more love to your relationship? Talk about this gently together. The goal is more love, more intimacy, not judgment. Keep your hearts open and sweet. Find ways to laugh with each other and not be defensive. You may tread on tender emotions, but remind each other that you are in a wonderful process of elevating your relationship and letting your hearts move higher in unity.  

4. Let your expanding relationship embrace the world. A relationship focused inward may seem joyous and complete, but to expand in infinite Love we need to open our hearts so wide that our love includes and embraces all humanity. We’ve all seen people madly in love, completely oblivious to anything or anyone else. That’s natural, of course, when someone is first in love. Yet those of us on the outside of that wonderful joy can easily feel excluded. That’s why we need to stay tuned to Love as all-embracing. Love, by it’s nature, is all-inclusive. Let everyone around you feel loved!

5. Identify your mission statement as a couple. A wonderful way of expanding your relationship in Love is to ask the transforming question,  “What is the highest purpose of our relationship? What is our mission statement as a couple?” There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, of course, because Love is infinite. But asking these questions instantly places you into infinite, expanding Love flow. To think in terms of your relation-ship’s value to the world brings spiritual illumination to the larger reasons  you have been brought together by Love.

6. See change as love expansion. Love’s infinite nature means constant expansion ? constant change ? in your relationship. Without spiritual perspective, we may resist change with the thought, “I’m happy just the way we are. I don’t want anything to change” or “I haven’t had time to adjust to the last Love change.”  Change can easily feel like stress. But looking more deeply, change is about making higher and higher decisions to live more congruently with your divinity. Infinite Love is continually refining and elevating your relationship. Love wants you to become even more loving. Love wants you to replace all judging with total honoring. Love wants your relationship to expand to the ultimate. Welcome to the heart of Love!

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational
organization bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. This article is an excerpt from their just-released book, “The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love”. The Pecks are Love teachers, workshop leaders, popular TV & radio guests and also authors of  “Liberating Your Magnificence” & the audio course, “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” Scott holds a doctorate in divinity & Masters in Education. Shannon is a full-time spiritual healer & teacher of healers. For a 2002 workshop brochure and information, visit , call TheLoveCenter at
1-800-266-1525, or e-mail . Copyright 2002 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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