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Dear KRS,
 I have been dieting and exercising everyday for the past couple of weeks and still don’t see any results. I remember you writing about allergy foods. Can you tell me what some of the most common allergy foods are?
Not Losing Weight

Dear Not Losing,
First, you must be patient and give yourself more than a couple of weeks. Many people even gain a little weight when starting a program due to the increased muscle mass, which truly DOES weigh more than fat. You may very well have lost a few pounds of fat and put on a few pounds of muscle but the results may still be too subtle to be seen. Also, remember that if a program feels like “diet drudgery,” you will eventually rebel, so be sure you are enjoying your meals.

Allergic reactions in the form of weight gain or weight retention vary per individual chemistry. Wheat, corn, and dairy are a few common examples of foods that can cause reactions. How do you know if you are allergic or sensitive to a certain food? One, don’t eat a trace of the food you are testing for five days and then eat ONLY that food for breakfast on an empty stomach. Observe your reactions for the following hours and even days (the “stomach bloat” reaction to wheat can take three days).

Two, if you find you really crave a certain food or type of food (containing a particular ingredient, for example) and it is uncomfortable to be without it, you may be sensitive to that food. I talk a bit more about this in my book Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. Another book you might want to check out is Eat Right For Your Blood Type by Peter D’Adamo. It defines your diet by your blood type.

Recognize this as an ongoing search for your body’s truth. Tune in to your body’s reactions to foods and be honest about those foods to which you are uncontrollably drawn and you will find success.


Dear KRS,
I am very interested in meditation. Can you give me some tips on how to get started? Thank You.
New Meditator

Dear New Meditator,
There are many meditation techniques. Experiment and find the one(s) that suit your personality and then practice daily, if possible. A wonderfully effective and simple meditation:

Choose one of two places to focus:1) the diaphram (just above your navel) or 2) just above your lip (where the air enters and exits your nose). Then simply follow the movement of your breath coming and going. Don’t try to control it — let it do its own thing. Your mind will want to wander but just keep bringing your attention back to your focal point. To help maintain your focus, count your breaths up to 5 and back to 1 (one count includes an inhalation and an exhalation. For example: Inhale ONE, exhale ONE. Inhale TWO, exhale TWO, etc.). It’s preferable beginners have guidance in the form of a teacher or tapes (my series “Inner Mastery Series” is well suited to beginners.)

Your meditation practice will be well rewarded in more ways than one. When your internal world is balanced you’ll find that all aspects of your external world will run more smoothly.


Dear KRS,
I’m a 32-year-old female who is in bad shape — not overweight but very much in need of exercise. My body always feels stiff and sore from inactivity. I need to know how to start a program of some kind without shocking my body. I work a lot, have small children and do not have time to join a health club. Waiting patiently for your response.
Need Gentle Fitness Program

Dear Needs Gentle,
You are right to realize that while keeping pace with your children may be exhausting at times it does not fulfill your requirements for keeping fit. Many parents swear their kids provide them with plenty of activity, and they are not totally wrong. However, the activity is not always body-friendly and is often accompanied by a certain amount of stress.

Two suggestions:

1) Walking. If possible, reserve a little time to walk, if only around the block, for 10-20 minutes. Get up a little early and do it before the kids are up if you have someone to watch them. This will give you some “mental space” as well and you will come to cherish the walks and MAKE time for them. If necessary, take the kids along. Since today’s children are not getting enough exercise, you will be benefiting their health as well.

 2) Stretching or Yoga. Try to work some simple stretches into your day - one here, one there since I know it is difficult for you to set aside large spans of time. Do a neck stretch or side bend while you are on the phone (yes, even at work!). Turn a “tying your child’s shoe” experience into a stretch, letting the back of your legs release as you do it. Use your imagination and come up with more of your own “home-made stretches.” Your stiffness will disappear and you will feel more energetic. It doesn’t take much, but it requires consistency.


Dear KRS,
How do you fall out of love? I dated this man for 2 months and I fell in love with him. We are no longer together but I can’t stop thinking about him.
In Love

Dear In Love,
The fastest way to fall out of love is to fall in love — with somebody else (starting with yourself). Put yourself in social situations or activities that you enjoy — a hiking club, for example. If love isn’t a two-way street, I don’t call it love. I call it being in love with the idea of love; wanting to have SOMEone to love. But this man obviously isn’t the right “soul mate” match for you or he would share your feelings. You’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Tell your misdirected heart that you needn’t take it as a rejection or personal failure, but as a simple mismatch.


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