Three Linked Festivals . . . 
By Tom Carney



 If there is ever going to be a unified world approach to God, there is going to have to be a common ground upon which all men and women can stand, whether they are members of a specific religious group or simply goodhearted and spiritually-minded world citizens. There is going to have to be a common ground whereon the diversified peoples of the One Humanity can come together and in an expression of their essential Brotherhood and shared love of humanity approach and invoke their God. 

Many of the movements whose aim is to establish a common religion for mankind try to reconcile the modes or methods of humanityís various approaches; they deal with each otherís vision of God and with each otherís dogmas and rituals. They seek one uniform dogma or methodology, or liturgy of approach. The prospect of their success is, on the one hand, a forced and tortured mixture of the dominant world faiths, or on the other, a bland homogenized blend. 

Neither of these would do really, and ultimately, they would fail. They are impractical because they fail to take into consideration the fact that men and women are individuals with diverse backgrounds, needs, and points of view. The men and women who compose the various world religions will not and should not participate in that which tends to diminish their individuality, their marvelous and effective liturgies and their deeply meaningful and exquisitely beautiful conceptions of the One Life. The common ground cannot be a formula which asks religions, groups, churches, cults, sects or individual persons to lose their identities, their special significances and character, which in the case of many of the world religions, are the result of centuries of cultural evolution. 

That this cultural evolution will continue into the new Aquarian cycle now upon us is unquestionable. And this is all the more reason that in our search for unity in the world that we avoid the illusion of uniformity. Each of the groups on the planet, no matter how large or small, will as the new energies of Aquarius impact human consciousness evolve new and wondrous rituals that will embody this new face of the One God. We need to honor that, celebrate that, look with joy toward this unfolding of the miracle. 

The unity that once existed on the planet, and which gave power to the sacred ceremonies and approaches of our forebearers, if we can believe the ancient lore, was generated by a synchronicity of approach, not a uniformity of approach. The synch-ronicity of approach enabled our ancient brothers and sisters to create a chalice that could contain the power of Shamballa. So, the common ground upon which a diversified group can stand, can come together in a cooperative spirit and real manifestation of unity is a common ground in time. Ergo, the Three Linked Festivals. 

We propose that all religions, all faiths, all groups, and all spiritually-minded men and women everywhere join in a synchronized approach to God, not in a uniformed similarity, rather each group or each one in his unique way, but all at a synchronized point in time. The Three Linked Festivals offer the common time for such a synchronized panhuman approach. 

These three panhuman festivals are not without their own ancient and potent rhythm. They are timed now, as they were in the ancient days, to coincide with the full moons of the solar months of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. If all participants endeavored to make their approach at some time during the 18 hours prior to the exact time of each full moon, we would have a highly synchronized worldwide effort. 

We see these three panhuman festivals as the common ground, the meeting place where all men and all faiths can come together, and without losing any of their beautiful uniqueness or any of their essential qualities, they can through a commonly held love for humanity unite their forces into one vast and beautiful whole, the power of which would be far greater than any man has ever before seen, for the purpose of invoking the aid of God on behalf of the One Human Family.

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