Self Esteem Sampler
By Kay Walburger 
Surprise — Elise Giles This is Your Story! 



The first time I met Elise, I knew she was a special person by the way she exuded a unique energy of acceptance and pleasantness. It was my first visit to this spiritual community and it was like coming home as Elise made me feel like family. 

Over the following year I had many occasions to pass the time of day with her and she had a distinctive candor which I admired. I can clearly remember two different instances where I poured out my heart to her and felt her compassion and gentle empathy. Later on she took some small but thoughtful actions on my behalf.  These moments are very precious to me because they prove she was really listening with her heart not just her ears.

 I often found her doing some menial chores/tasks and it reminded me of a passage from Idles Of The King by Tennyson.  There was an eager young man who came to King Arthur’s Court to train to be a Knight of the Round Table.  He was so young and unskilled that they sent him to the kitchen to work under a tough cook who gave him every dirty job.  “And it was said of him, — He graced the lowliest task in doing it.”  That’s what I feel about the way Elise does her work. She has a spirit of grace and sly humor in her ethic that makes her work lighter. 

Elise and I will soon be celebrating our third year of friendship and she can still surprise me. The other day out of the blue she was praising my writing and said, “I always read your article. I feel you are such a beautiful writer and I am impressed with the way you express you thoughts in a flowing conversational way.” We writers are revealing a bite of ourselves in every story and like to hear compliments, as it is an extremely personal art. 

I thanked her most sincerely and then noticed a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she said, “You know Kay, I never eat a dill pickle without thinking of you.”  We had a good laugh at the thought of eating dill pickles. I did a double take; I knew exactly what she was talking about. It was an article I wrote last year. I had taken a workshop on putting balance into my life and discovered that certain foods aid my digestion. Dill pickles are one of those foods. This meant she had not just read the story and then forgotten it, she was internalizing the essence of the story. This was like striking gold! Elise was a Real Fan.  She said it; “I’m a fan of yours and Awareness Magazine.” Then she began to quote passages that were important to her. I must explain the rush of pure delight I received from her words. 

My heart started to sing.  This was my dream come true. Each and every story I write, I try to put myself in the reader’s place. I ask myself what would my reader like to know about this person? How can I bring a fresh and truthful perspective to this feature?  My intention is to inspire, inform, educate, and motivate Awareness readers to take the courage to be true to themselves and to follow their heart’s dream. 

Here I was looking into the eyes of my super fan. She was telling me every lovely and truthful thing my heart longed to hear. We continued to talk about all the wonderful people I had written about, their lives of accomplishment and purposeful missions to which they aspired. I could see a wistful longing in Elise’s eyes. I could tell she was wishing she were someone wonderful so I would write her story.  WOW! Like a flash I was divinely inspired to do just that.

 She needs to know how special her life is. How many people are blessed by her being here in this time and place?  Rev. Peggy Bassett once said these words, “We will never really know how many ways our life has blessed countless others on this planet.” She was speaking of the ripple effect and power of our words, thoughts, prayers, and deeds to manifest.  Right then and there I asked her if I could interview her for my column in Awareness Magazine. She seemed embarrassed, but pleased as she asked, “What would you write about me?” To which I replied, “I’m not sure just yet, however May/June is the Relationship Issue, and that feels right to me?” The importance of relationships in our life can not be stressed enough.  The quality of our life depends upon all our relationships. 

I once got my Realtors License and took every class out there on how to be successful. One day a friend said come with me to hear Dr. Pat Allen; she helps women become successful. To my amazement Pat only talked about relationships (She is considered an expert). It was very interesting and informative but what has this got to do with Real Estate?  I kept going and learned the best kept secret of life — everything in life is a relationship puzzle! She taught us how to have good relationships with spouses, children, family, friends, peers and all people in general. The big surprise for me was that my most important relationship was with myself! She showed me that when my primary relationship with myself was healthy, all other relationships were easier.  With that enlightenment I move toward being interdependent instead of co-dependent.

“Kay, I have the ability to know talent when I see it and I recognize it by acknowledging it. Sometimes I even coach others to go for it. Elise is a star at acknowledging other people.  She loves to say encouraging words.  She is always “IN THE MOMENT” and loves to listen to people when they need some sympathy and consideration. “My learning to listen is something that took me a long time to learn how to do.  There was a time when I didn’t listen and I am pleased to have learned this art because it has blessed me in many extraordinary ways.”

 “I’m just in LOVE!  I am in a state of being in love with all the good things in life. You know — people, plants and animals. While house-sitting for a friend I recently took care of two large dogs and as I watched one sleeping dog breathe and listened to its rhythm, I realized we all are just Beings and we all desire love and attention! My pleasure is loving and being loved by God and one way to do that is by loving all His creatures and creations!” 

By now you are wondering who is whose Fan? The purpose of this story is to show the important relationship between — FANS! It should be clear that Elise is my amazing fan and I am her enthusiastic fan club president.  She is what I consider to be one of my most important stories because without fans like Elise who would read and enjoy my stories or Awareness Magazine?  We are all interdependent and that is an excellent state of mind to be in because it’s rich with potential. 

All the staff, writers, advertisers and many other unidentified persons are the fans of you, our readers!  We are a Mutual Fan Club! Elise is one of the fans I know by name, however I love you each and everyone and hope to learn your names someday, and who knows, maybe tell your story. Keep your cards, letters, faxes and e-mails coming and let us know who you are!  To be a fan, or have a fan, is a good thing. Tell those people in your life whom you respect or admire that you are their fan club president and feel the joy in it. 

Elise said, “I want to tell you that there are moments when I am so tired at the end of the day. I often sit down and read something often from your magazine, and as I sit there reading I receive enough energy from those wonderful words and thoughts to get enough get-up-and-go to get home. 

Surprise Elise, This is Your Story!

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