New Web Site Matches Single Mothers
 to Share Housing , a pioneering web site that provides a matchmaking service for single mothers who want to connect with other single mothers to share housing, is now available nationally.  President and CEO Carmel Boss launched the site in February in the Los Angeles area. Currently 100’s of women there are using the service. Boss says this strong response prompted her to extend the service to women around the country seeking like-minded single moms for house sharing purposes. 

Single mothers often find themselves staggering under the burden of providing for young children without proper financial support from family or social services. The very people who could most benefit from a stable emotional support system often go home with their children to an empty house or apartment. Sharing rent, utilities and food creates a better living environment for everyone; moms can also share cleaning, cooking and babysitting. Two can afford better housing conditions than one. If the whole idea that ‘It takes A Village’ has any credence, as I firmly believe it does, then connecting women is the way to make it work. 

“The idea for came out of my own experience of feeling alone,” says Boss, a single mom, painter and qualified Resources for Infant Educators (RIE) teacher. “After my divorce I started talking to other single moms and found they were dealing with the same loneliness issues, but even worse was their living conditions. One mom was even living in a garage with her two small children and the majority are living in one bedroom apartments with the children in the bedroom while the mom sleeps on the couch. 

Single parenting can be very lonely because it’s not easy to have a life outside of work and childcare. It struck me that there should be some reliable resource to help single mothers connect with each other. Women in general like to connect with each other but for single moms in particular, connecting with someone in the same situation can make a huge improvement in their day-to-day lives.” 

Co-abode members have access to detailed profiles of prospective housemates. Criteria used to determine compatibility includes age, location, number of children, and ability to meet financial requirements (deposits, first and last months rent, etc.). Other considerations range from the more profound question of lifestyle compatibility to the simple practicality of who’s got a washer/dryer versus a refrigerator. also offers: Links: resources for single mothers; Help: assistance with leasing, roommate agreements, moving expenses and utility tips; Services: legal advice, women’s issues, holistic health and alternative approaches; Chat Rooms: connect up with other single moms 

Carmel Boss and other single mothers now house sharing are willing to testify about the success of their experience. Please call (310) 452-4497 or e-mail us at our website: 

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