New Age Bible & Philosophy Center 
Celebrates 70 Years
By Patricia Talis 



The story of Job is a fascinating one. Job had everything — wealth untold with flocks of sheep and cattle. He had many children and was a happy man. He loved God and helped all who came to him in trouble. Satan told God, “Yes you have given Job everything, but take it away and he will curse you. God gave Satan permission to take everything away, one thing at a time — his wealth, his children and his health. Job had three friends representing the physical body, the desire body and the mind. They insisted he must have done many things to have brought this upon himself. Job was subjected to the four great testings. These are common to all humanity — the rupture of the family circle by death, the loss of worldly possessions, the breakdown of physical health and the misunderstandings, persecutions and desertion of trusted friends. God restored all that Job had lost and added much more. His freedom consisted of liberation from the threefold illusions of the material world — illusion of mind, desire, and the physical body. Corinne Heline’s version of the story is in Volume II of the New Age Bible interpretation series. There are 7 volumes, three based on the Old Testament, three on the New Testament, and the seventh “The Mystery of The Christos”. 

The New Age Bible and Philosophy Center has been in Santa Monica at 1139 Lincoln Blvd. since June 1931. We have speakers every Sunday at 11 a.m. Call for a listing of classes, speakers and workshops. Open Wednesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (310) 395-4346.

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