Never Old 
Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young 
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.” 

Presently answering the question: 
“In your latest book you say that the most effective modes of rejuvenation occur through what you call, ‘spiritual, transcendent connections.’ Can you give an example of such a connection and its mental/physical effect?”

 Dear Reader: 
As explained in my Rejuvenator’s Bible, I experienced an intensely memorable “transcendent connection” several years ago, when I had (in the terminology of Carlos Castaneda) that so-called “power dream.” This was a strange dream in which I saw my hands typing up a page of the Never “Old” book — and at the very instant of seeing my hands typing (in the dream) there erupted an actual (5.1 magnitude) earthquake — a hefty little tremor which shook the entire apartment building! Ah, but thankfully, the quake did no apparent damage to the building or area, other than deliver an unforgettable wake-up call. 

OK, I admit that the typing-dream-plus-earthquake incident can be written off as a mere “coincidence.” But “coincidence” is a concept I try to avoid, at least when sincere attempts at revelation are involved, when “coincidence” doesn’t seem to come into play (except maybe on a shallow level). And as to the cosmic “coincidence” of that memorable earthquake, just as long as these earth-shaking events are (THANK YOU!!) undamaging, it’s truly awesome to feel Mama Nature’s power jolting us into feeling the oooos and aaaahs and I-yi-yiiis that I call vowel movements. And what better vowel movement can we have then when aligned with creative inspiration, when aligned to those flashes which occur to anyone who’s ever felt connected to a higher source. 

And it’s promptings from a “higher source “ that Dan Wakefield speaks about in these quotes from his inspiring book Creating From the Spirit: “What is known as a ‘peak experience’ or transcendence or inspiration — when some other force seems to take over — comes to all kinds of creators, from athletes to architects. The prize-winning architect, Evans Woollen, told me that when he’s working on the design of a building, ‘You know the solution exists somewhere — in some collective consciousness, and it’s up to you to find it. Ridding the mind of other things —finding solutions — it’s rather mysterious . . . I think solutions have their own life — they were born entering here, in me...’ ” 

And I believe Woollen is correct in his perception that important solutions have their own transcendent life, just as re-creation of one’s body comes from a higher self trying to guide and enlighten us with healing messages. Maybe these messages are relayed from what’s called the Energy Body (or Spirit Body) onto the physical body (and yet such messages may never get through if we’re too distracted by other things). Or maybe spiritual/physical re-creation can at times involve a higher being personally contacting us — a good, perceptive angel-spirit who becomes concerned or enamored enough to interact with our lives. 

Wakefield goes on to quote singer-songwriter Nancy Wilson who describes spiritual alignment as, “Those magical times when it seems to pour right through you . . . You’re like the vessel or the instrument itself that somebody’s playing — somebody or something...” 

Somebody or something indeed. But when one becomes the “vessel” whereby thoughts are being poured right through you, perhaps it’s a subtle, mysterious kind of influence, subtle in the way that the great poet/artist William Blake describes such a presence, here where he verbally paints a scintillating picture of what 
I call the Original Grin: 
Like a reflection in a glass, 
Like shadows in the water... 
Like a smile upon an infant’s face, 
Like the dove’s voice,    
like transient day, 
Like music in the air... 

Just as the classic, surely spiritually-connected poet Blake tries to affirm, it’s a very special music that pours through us when we feel a “transcendent connection” — that “infant’s smile” within which evokes an energy so potent it can heal our ailments and even deeply change the way we look. It all occurs within the spiritbody “life force” that I try to explain and tap into via my writings — that “vital secret of youth” (as Maxwell Maltz calls it) which we’ll delve into, step-by-step, via my books and articles. And we can also tap into it via my life, for I believe in the philosophy of Mahatma Ghandi who wisely said: “MY MESSAGE IS MY LIFE . . . For to be true to your inner calling seems to be the ultimate message . . . As I again wish you all happy inward and outward spiritual hunting, and as ever (and ever) — HAPPY REJUVENATING! 

For the whole self-renewal story, Jesse Dawn’s (Pulitzer Prize nominated) 258-page book, Never “Old”, can be received free of charge by purchasing his new book, “The Re-juvenator’s Bible: Working Ways to Create Perpetual Youth Naturally” (237 pages) for the retail price of $15. To receive both books for the price of one, call World Changing Books at (800) 736-3922 and order with Visa or MC, or send a check payable to World Changing Books, POB 5491, Hilo, HI 96720. ($15 includes books, plus free 1st class postage) You can also order by e-mailing    Also check out

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