Mystical Men Series:  Part 3 
An Interview with Dr. Van Beveren, Ph.D., CNC, CNS 
By Dr. Maryel McKinley, Ph.D., C.A.D.C., C.A.T.S. 



At the Health Integration Center West, Founder Dr. Van Beveren, Ph.D., CNC and Nutritional Biochemist offers a comprehensive nutritional analysis that will allow your body to be deeply nourished, cleansed and balanced, without putting it into detox shock the way many untrained but well intentioned practitioners have been know to do in the past. This means that when you detox the body too fast, there is no foundation or support within the body that is strong enough to withstand some of the devastating effects that cleansing too quickly can manifest. Some of these include symptoms that mimic mental health diseases such as psychosis and anxiety disorders! 

At Health Integration West, you can be assured that you are in good qualified hands with Dr. Van Beveren, as he has more than 30 years’ experience in the field! His method includes an individualized program which will help cleanse the body internally and externally. Internally the cleansing takes place within the tissues, cells, and the solid organs. Externally the process occurs in the digestive apertures, other hollow organs and the skin. 

Once the body has acquired the necessary strength it needs to cleanse itself of toxins, it will do so in its own time and at its own natural and safe pace. Balancing the hierarchy of organ sensitivity is measured by the reduced need for aggression, while maintaining a sense of abundant love, deep satisfaction and passionate enthusiasm in one’s being. 

Dr. Van Beveren utilizes a multitude of non-invasive techniques to determine the uniqueness of each person’s biochemistry. This is done with a highly-sophisticated questionnaire which shows the organ systems that are crying out most for balance and attention, bringing the priority of the treatment to empower each individual to understand previously hidden aspects of their biochemistry and helping them to move forward into vibrant health! I hope you enjoy the following interview with the fascinating and intriguing Dr. Van Beveren! 

Maryel: Dr. Van, It is so wonderful to finally meet you, thank you for coming all the way from the East Coast. It is truly an honor! Can you tell our readers about your exciting background? I understand you actually worked with Mother Teresa in India? 

Dr. Van: Yes, I received my graduate education and Ph.D. in my home country, Holland. I then traveled to Africa and India, and ended up at Mother Teresa’s mission studying dehydration/starvation for the next two years while working for my keep driving the “hypothecated” (leased) trucks. 

Maryel: WOW! And I thought I had a colorful life! Then what happened? 

Dr. Van: Well, to digress, I was born in Holland in 1948. That makes me a Libra in the year of the Rat!  I attended the same school as Anne Frank in Amsterdam (Frederik Hoge School/Gymnasium). I earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Physiology (and a few other degrees along the way — a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Biochemistry) finishing my academic work at age 19. I was granted my degree at age 21. During the summer I left for Africa to learn and work the Extra-Corporeal Circulation Pump with Christian Barnard at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town starting two years after the first transplant. During the height of apartheid I was kicked out of Africa (“personae non grata”) due to my associations with the black underground. I high- tailed it to India — escaping on an oil transport vessel before the government had a chance to bruise any more of my ribs. A storm with two-story high swells slowed us down a bit. I then took a ride on the roof of a slow train from Mumbay to New Delhi and hitchhiked/walked to Calcutta. 

Maryel: Amazing! Is it true that best-selling author of “Diet for A New America”, John Robbins, actually wrote that book while living in your basement? 

Dr. Van: Yes, it is true, and I highly recommend his book for you and all the Awareness Magazine readers. The information will change your life. 

Maryel: You have written so many extensive and informationally brilliant pieces — I can’t even count how many I’ve read. It seems there are at least 600 on your website on an array of various health subjects. Why haven’t you written a book yet, so you can at least share the legacy of your important findings with future generations? 

Dr. Van: I’ll do that when I retire! Meanwhile, Lynn and I do act as mentors for people who are Naturopathic doctors, or students of health-related fields who want solid guidance in regards to hands-on internships. As you know, there are not many schools or universities offering N.D. programs, and the ones that do are on-line or through long distance learning. We offer a preceptor program that allows these students to actually get some hands-on training! 

Maryel: Who is Lynn? 

Dr. Van: Lynn Krokenberger is my partner. She is very intuitive, a Registered Nurse and a Certified Classical Homeopath. (RN and C.C.H.) We have been practicing together for the last four years and are about to launch our modern teaching kitchen, which will demonstrate functional vegetarian cooking for 15 rotational students per week. 

Maryel: Please tell the Awareness Magazine readers about your early experiences in America that led you to this wonderful and unprecedented work you do today. 

Dr. Van: More than 30 years ago I arrived in America — a country with which I was very familiar as a young teenager. I had studied religion here at several seminars while living with different families during the summer. During the height of the Vietnam conflict I was asked to do prostatic research at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and at the same time, meet my military (Air Force) obligation. An intense medical atmosphere with its emphasis on crisis intervention, following the contrast between both my experiences with Dr. Barnard and Mother Teresa, played heavily on my mind and I again escaped. This time I joined the Red Cross in Guatemala. I stayed for almost two years crisscrossing the country to study poisonous, medicinal and food herbs and to proliferate the causes of “La Cruz Roja” with Dr. Carlos Castillo, (MD) and another countryman who later died in the “terramoto” earthquake when I returned by helicopter to help out in February of 1976. My best friend, Geoffrey Middleton, was the courageous young man who arranged this (somewhat illegal) mission using an Air Force helicopter he had “sitting around” in the reserves. He died of an unexpected and massive heart attack soon after. I went back to the USA (Southern California) and started teaching nutrition in many higher institutions — USC, UCLA, City of Hope and at the Hollywood Presbyterian Shock Research Lab under the direction of Drs. Max Weil and Herbert Shubin. From there I volunteered to teach in several free clinics — Anaheim and San Bernardino. Sadly, at that time there still wasn’t enough information in the “accepted” peer-reviewed scientific literature to satisfy the pharmaceutical diehards in medicine and herbs, and fractions (fragmented foods — such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and fatty acids) were considered too “weird”. So, I started a private “Ortho-Molecular” nutritional practice in La Habra, California (La Habra Community Nutritional Clinic) and stayed there until I got married several years later. Then I moved to the East Coast where I spent eighteen years next door to the Brain Bio Center with my teacher, and the now late Dr. Carl Pheiffer, in the shadow of Princeton University. 

Maryel: Dr. Carl Pheiffer is the genius who healed himself of cancer and developed the elaborate and highly accurate evaluation system you work with today, correct? 

Dr. Van: Yes. 

Maryel: The system is amazing, I couldn’t believe how accurate it was regarding the many complex health-related issues I am dealing with now; it really works! What else are you and Lynn doing? 

Dr. Van: In addition to taking previously educated preceptors for two to four weeks at a time, we also travel and maintain a consulting service for our clients in Irvine, California, Spokane, Washington and North Carolina. We will be opening in Denver, Colorado soon. 

Maryel: Thank you for the enlightening assessment of my health and the highly effective recommendations, as well as for taking the time to do this interview! It has been a pleasure! 

If you are interested in Dr. Van’s work, please go to his website at  or call (609) 924-7337. If you would like to make an appointment to see him when he comes to Southern California next, please call Elizabeth Maciel  at (714) 573-8173.

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