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New Earth Records
Deuter has created a body of healing/relaxation music that delves into the silence of existence. The music is deliberately designed to transport the listener beyond the external world of materialization and deadlines to the inner world of peace, joy and consciousness. Music, once again as the universal communicative, is used to patiently explore the non-verbal aspects of being. 

Deuter is a master of atmospheric music. He deftly uses his flute, in combination with synthesizer created layers of dreamlike passages to create an environment that touches the listener’s body, then slowly and gently carries you over to the other side. Deuter stimulates the soul’s ability to let go of the stress and tension of our day to day lives by altering the vibrations that stimulate our senses. Our senses (specifically hearing and feeling), then act as a release valve to the deeper realms he is musically exploring.

 In the liner notes Deuter explains some simple techniques that can be used to facilitate the above mentioned experience. They do work even if you are not familiar with meditative techniques that help us to relax. The inner exploration aspect of Deuter’s music is up to the individual listener’s desire to want to let go and release one’s self from the external world. The experience is positive, rejuvenating and life affirming. I highly recommend this CD as a meditative tool, or simple as music that is awe inspiring of the majesty and enchantment of planet Earth. 

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Andreas Vollenweider
Sony Classical
 The mere mention of the harp as an instrument of distinction outside of its usual orchestral role would cause a few eyebrows to raise. Andreas Vollenweider, with his creation, a 42-stringed electro-harp, has redefined the harp’s musical role. 

His creation sounds remarkably like a keyboard. The notes are clear and succinct, cascading melodically and resonantly. He has discovered that his new electro-harp fits snugly amongst some instruments, i.e. (guitar, flutes, lap steel guitars, violin, keyboards and percussion), that would only allow a traditional harp to play a limited role. It is also fascinating how the interplay of vocals added an ethereal edge to the music. 

Vollenweider can best be described as a pioneer, not only in the development of a unique instrument, but also in the creation of a musical format that is befitting of this instrument. His music is a pastiche of ideas and styles that have incorporated a wide gamut of traditional, classical, cultural and contemporary sounds. The music is light, playful, and airy, quite possibly a score for a movie soundtrack, a romantic adventure, with twists and turns, perils and revelations leading to the insurmountable quest of human survival and true love. Vollenweider has put together a collection of songs spanning his musical career. Each composition carries the same ingredient, an unabashed expression of fun and creativity. Worth a listen. 

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Jezzro & Huff 
Green Hill Music 
It is important to discuss the meaning of “World Beat” music. Most of today’s music that is labeled as “World Beat” is not necessarily being played by musicians who originate from the point of origin which the theme of the music pertains to. There are two standing arguments with regards to this trend. Firstly, indigenous cultural music is usually the basis for “World Beat” musical exploration. Knowing this, we are prompted to wonder how this music can be interpreted by anyone who is not considered indigenous to the music.

Secondly, performers who are exploring “World Beat” music like to embellish a topical musical theme with their own creative ideas and talents. This approach leads to a homogenous synthesis of music styles that still hold the flavor of the original topical theme. This is not meant to be confusing, yet defining the line between what is authentic indigenous music and what “World Beat” music is, is best left up to the purist. 

Jack Jezzro and David Huff are both fine musicians with a flair for flamenco music and Latino rhythms. Jezzro added acoustic nylon-stringed guitar melodies while Huff crafted all the rhythms and basic sounds playing keyboards, percussion, drums, bass and synthesizer. The music is superbly orchestrated with Jezzro weaving luscious melody lines that are surrounded by Huff’s layering of rhythms and beats. 

Easy listening, relaxing, gentle and serene are terms that aptly describe the music. You can use your imagination to travel to Brazil, Jezzro and Huff are your cruise captains in charge of the controls. Sit back and enjoy the voyage. 

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Various Artists 
New Earth Records
Inevitably in one’s search for Spirituality and Mysticism, the journey leads to India. India, that exotic gem of Asia where fact and fantasy are often blurred in a haze of phenomenal realities that are ostensibly misunderstood by mainstream Western cultures. The music of India is also apparently lost in a haze created by the West’s commercialization of music for profit.

 In “Mystic India” we are treated to the blending of traditional Indian cultural music with New World music sensibilities. Each of these artists has lent their own interpretation to the music, stretching traditional boundaries with modern instruments and neo-contemporary beats and rhythms. It is not unusual to hear the poly-rhythmic thumping of the tabla combined with a bamboo flute or soprano sax accompaniment, or the haunting strains of the sitar playing beautiful melody lines. 

The music is rich in feeling and warm in Spirit. The vision and talents of these various artists, who include James Asher, Prem Joshua, and Al Gromer Khan, has elevated this project to transcend the common, reaching for peaks where eagles and angels soar in natural bliss. Music from India is not separate from its mysticism and enchantment. It acts as a conduit for the expression of non-verbal realities, those moments where life is an experiential quality, touching upon the depth of our being and reaching beyond the words to reveal the sacred. 

For more information, please call (800) 570-4074. 


Sambodhi Prem 
Global Suitcase 
The two most important aspects of ambient music is set (mind) and setting (location). This holds true for the performer and listener alike. In “Nature Space”, Sambodhi Prem, having lived there for five years, used the mystic enchantment and natural isolation of New Zealand as his inspirational muse. In the true tradition of being a hopeless romantic, Prem opened his heart and soul to the natural beauty of New Zealand’s wildlife and forests. “Nature Space” is the result of Prem’s symbiotic relationship with the divine creation of nature.

 The music is a smooth blending of Prem’s prowess on various types of guitars with natural sounds (i.e., several bird species) that emanated from the native forest. His guitar playing can be considered light jazz with a sprinkling of classical and rhythm and blues. His notes flow along respective of the energies of the forest, allowing for timeless pauses and a sense of silence that is deafening in its existential roar. The music is relaxing and soothing, never in a hurry, and content to allow the birds their voice in this natural tapestry. 

Prem has captured his soul’s interpretation of the expanse and Spirituality of his surroundings. He has combined the awe and majesty of primitive New Zealand with his own music talents and his search for love, peace of mind and inner joy. The seeker looking to merge with Creation has returned to relate his experience. “Nature Space” is that experience, offering an opportunity for everyone to journey with Sambodhi Prem, the seeker. 

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York State. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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