Terry Bradford’s gift is individual self-awareness
for everyone who hears his music 
By Crystal Rivers 



I was at my church when they announced our special music for today would be Terry Bradford. His name did not ring a bell, but his face was vaguely familiar. When Terry sang, I felt as though I had been prayed to. His inspired music touched the depths of my soul. And, judging by the tears running across the big smiles on the other congregants’ faces, their souls had been touched too. It was truly a spiritual experience of cosmic proportions. 

I like experiences that put me more in touch with who I am; Terry Bradford’s lyrics do exactly that. Iyanla Vanzant, best selling author of “In The Meantime” and “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up,” also a regular guest on the “Oprah” show, heard Terry’s song “Today.” That song so moved her that she used it as the only music on the audio version of her latest book “Yesterday I Cried.” She then tapped Terry’s gift again for the “In The Meantime” CD. 

As a writer, he brings the spiritual to where we live. For example, his song “Because of You” is an expression of gratitude. It does not dictate to whom you should be grateful. It simply opens up a dialogue of gratitude within you and allows you to direct it as you see fit. I see this as one of the reasons so many people relate to Terry’s music. He seems to have tapped into that place where you and I can hear the same song and come away with personal meanings that are as different as we think we are and as unifying as we know we should be. 

Terry’s face may be familiar to you. He is the 1990 Star Search Male Vocalist $100,000 Grand Champion. He is also on Celine Dion’s concert video “Live at Memphis” doing the duet “Beauty and the Beast” with her. He toured for five years with Celine doing that duet live. He sang with Linda Ronstadt at Los Angeles’ millennium celebration at the Staples Center. Or, maybe you saw his name in the credits of the movies “The Lion King” and “Mystery Men” or on a television episode of “The Rugrats” or “Any Day Now.” What about on CD’s from these artists: Ricky Martin and Cher? 

Although Terry has a lot of big name credits, he says, “My intention is to help people understand that they make a difference where they are by being who they are. I want to take this message across the globe, and whatever credits or talents show up in my life, they will be put to use to make this happen.” 

At a Terry Bradford concert the room is transformed when he graces the stage. You realize that this is not going to be a “show.” Vocally Terry is a phenomenon. He sings from the deepest, warmest baritone to the highest most heart-wrenching soprano. And, Terry uses all that range and presence to immerse you in a concert that is about the enlightenment of humanity. Each song raises you to a new level while introducing you to a deeper love, the kind of love that loves every single part of you so much that you take a second, more accepting look at everyone and everything else. 

These are some of the things people have said leaving a Terry Bradford concert: “My mother is terminally ill and I have had a hard time dealing with it. But, now I know how to live each moment to its fullest and enjoy moment by moment.” 

“My brother is a drug addict and I never could understand it. I never could figure out how to communicate with him. I now know that my brother needs me to communicate love and a willingness to, without judgment, help him help himself.”

 “I feel empowered.” “I feel like I’ve been through an incredibly deep meditation and now I’m renewed and ready to go.” 

These people are answering the call of their own soul. They have been moved to make a difference in their own surroundings, the place we so often ignore. 

Terry Bradford is fast becoming the most recognized voice in New Age/New Thought Music. His gift is now called on by world-transforming organizations such as: Association for Global New Thought led by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Mary Manin Morrissey, Dr. Michael Beckwith, and other distinguished visionaries, the Starshine Foundation led by Sue Miller Hurst, and the Center for Attitudinal Healing founded by Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione. 

Terry also is called on by many best-selling authors, some of whom are Marianne Williamson, Cheryl Richardson, and Alan Cohen who says “Terry Bradford moves me — and everyone — in a BIG way. It is rare that a musician infuses so much heart and spirit in his work. The first time I heard Terry, I was transformed. He took a Sunday 8:00 a.m. church service, woke us up, then brought us to tears. I would drop anything to hear him perform.” 

No one should leave this earthly realm without getting to know herself or himself. There are many ways to accomplish this. But if you want to get to know yourself through music, you need to listen to the CD “Terry Bradford Live! The Experience” or you need to get yourself to a Terry Bradford concert or wherever in this world you hear the name Terry Bradford. 

”Terry Bradford Live! The Experience” on CD and Cassette can be found at  where Terry’s manager can also be contacted for bookings.

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