The Latest Thing Expands Teaching & Healing Center 
By Lyda Whiting 



When we take the time to stop and listen to our body, mind, and spirit, we discover our own inner wisdom and that all of the answers are within. With this comes the realization that being truly happy begins with taking complete responsibility for every aspect of our life. We no longer need damaging behaviors to deal with chaos and imbalance, because we are in harmony on all levels as we develop a loving relationship with our innermost Self. 

To assist in deepening this relationship with Self, The Latest Thing Teaching & Healing Center in Costa Mesa holds classes on a variety of subjects from Reiki attunement and candle magic to meditation and spirituality. Readers and healers are available daily, and the Mind, Body & Soul Fair on the first Saturday of each month offers an opportunity to sample different healing modalities, meet the readers, and discover more about The Center. The First Woman’s Church, Hathor Chapter, celebrating the Goddess Within and based in women’s spirituality, holds its services at The Center on the first and third Sundays of each month. 

The number and variety of classes, workshops and events have grown each year, and The Center is reaching more people in the community than ever before. By creating and deepening relationships between the teachers and healers of different disciplines and backgrounds and our local community, The Center has become an exciting and supportive place for these professionals to make their personal contribution to bringing spirituality and healing into the lives of others. 

The idea to create a teaching and healing center came from the feeling that there was a gap between the metaphysical community and the general population. Mary Lou Williams and Kimberly Funk, the mother and daughter team who own The Latest Thing, sought a way to open up dialogues and create relationships that could bridge this gap for both parties. The spiritual advisor for The Latest Thing, Rev. Dr. Crystal C. Bujol, suggested creating a teaching and healing center, and the idea was enthusiastically embraced by Mary Lou and Kimberly.

The first classes were held in the evenings after store hours, with seating in and around the store’s shelves and displays. To accommodate the overwhelming response by the community, the store was remodeled to create a classroom that holds 15-20 students. With the invaluable input and assistance of Anne Kinney, co-founder and managing director of A Center for Peace & Healing in Newport Beach, The Latest Thing Teaching & Healing Center grew in size and scope. 

“It is exciting to see people who are interested in expanding their level of self-awareness, creating positive change in their lives, and connecting with other like-minded individuals, come together with teachers and healers who want to assist others in growth and transformation,” says Kinney. “Change can be fun and easy if we feel supported and truly understand how powerful we are. I have felt so blessed to be a part of this wonderful, self-less group at The Center!” 

Now, The Center is ready to expand into a larger space and add new teachers, readers and healers. “We are coming together to better serve our community and create a more expansive center for teaching and healing,” explains Kimberly Funk. “Our vision is to create an even more special place for the mind, body and soul.” 

Several locations in Costa Mesa are currently being considered. The new center will include ten or more private rooms to be rented on a monthly basis to consultants, practitioners and facilitators of a variety of healing modalities, as well as expanded room for the store and more rooms for readers and healers. Two large classrooms, holding up to 50 students each, will be available for classes, seminars, and workshops, and for large events can be combined into one room to accommodate 100 to 200 participants. Limited advertising will be included with the rental. “We welcome teachers and healing practitioners who are interested in joining us. We invite them to add to our vision and manifest our new center with us!” says Kimberly. 

You are invited to join in the manifestation of this expanded Teaching & Healing Center. Bring your idea of what you want to create or add to this center to the meetings at 7:00 p.m. the first Monday of each month, at The Latest Thing, 270 E. 17th St, Costa Mesa, (949) 645-6211.

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