Creating A "Heaven On Earth Relationship” 
By Russell Feingold 



From his upcoming book, “Break Through or Break Up: A Self-Empowering Guide to Detangling the Relationship Web” 

We all yearn to experience a loving relationship that is magical, undying, nourishing and richly fulfilling. Yet we toil in confusion and struggle, consistently undermining our efforts to be truly happy. Why do we insist on squandering in the “misery” of our painful past, when a love so potent, so beautiful yearns for us to bask in its unrelenting glory? 

How then can we raise ourselves out of this quagmire of confusion and hurt, detangling our relationship web? What does it take? Are we willing to go there . . . with each other? Do we want to go there with each other? It’s time to get clear and create the love we so deeply desire. 

It’s time to get a plan, a plan that will work. Are you ready right now to take your next step in creating “the love of your life”? 

First, let’s get a vision, a vision of such potency and juiciness that it cannot be resisted. Imagine a relationship where you feel empowered and overflowing with love just by purely being in the presence of your Beloved. Imagine a relationship where both partners feel deliciously complete and secure within themselves. A relationship where two people have consciously chosen to come together to share themselves with each other, fueled by a burning desire to be together and share a love so magical that it inspires and uplifts the entire world — to purely and profoundly create a heaven on earth. 

How can we create a “heaven on earth relationship”? 

First, the essentials: 
1) Each partner must be committed to do whatever it takes to cultivate peace and wholeness within him/herself. 
2) Each partner must be willing to take full responsibility for his/her beingness (one’s thoughts, energies, emotions and actions), and never blame his/her “stuff” on another again. 
3) Each partner must be ready and willing to shift from a paradigm of need and co-dependence to one of support and self-empowerment. 

If you don’t have peace within yourself, you will never have fulfillment in your relationship. You will continuously seek outside yourself for your peace and happiness. One must come to realize through experience that true happiness flowers from within, and is nurtured through deep self-love. In a healthy relationship, each partner serves as a source of support and inspiration for the other. 

A few questions to ask yourself to assess your present relationship, or if you are not in one, consider your relationship with yourself, and/or entertain these questions to plant seeds for future “harvesting”. 
Do you feel supported in being yourself in your relationship?
Do you feel inspired? 
Do you feel safe and even encouraged to explore “who you are”? 
Do you trust yourself? 
Do you have a strong foundation of clear and supportive communication? Do you feel you have the space to communicate your deepest truths openly, knowing and trusting that you will be supported into greater clarity and love? 

What did you discover? You must be profoundly honest with yourself to create “the love of your life”. Spiritual relationships empower and nurture fulfilling love. When you genuinely love someone, it is more than just romanticism and passion. It is about caring deeply enough about the other to fully commit to support his/her spiritual growth, while pursuing your own. Couples who continuously and authentically “break through”, have a deep commitment to experiencing true happiness. The trick is realizing when to “break up”, which in a spiritual context means that the work/healing that you came together to do is complete. When that occurs there is no “love loss”, just a recognition that the form of the relationship is changing, and a deep gratitude for what has been shared and learned. The “break up” has also primed us for our next step in cultivating clarity for what we really want. 

So if you are really willing to experience a “heaven on earth relationship,” embrace your Divine vision, create a powerful plan of loving and be prepared to experience the unrelenting and immaculate joy that is waiting here for you! 

Russell Feingold is an intuitive healer/counselor, inspirational speaker, and spiritual teacher. He travels around the country lecturing and conducting workshops. Russell is also available for individual sessions and couples counseling. For more information and/or to hear about upcoming events, contact the Genesis Healing Center for Optimal Wellness at (619) 226-2464, or by e-mail:

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