The Heart of Love 
By Scott & Shannon Peck 

A LoveMaster’s View of “In” & “0ut” 


Who’s in and who’s out in your life? 

It is almost the fabric of our civilization that there is usually an “inside” and “outside” group. Why is this? We all make choices — where we work, who we marry, what organizations we join. These very choices usually trap us into “inside-outside” thinking — those who belong and those who don’t. 

We need not, however, think of organizations as the excluding forces. It really has to do with us — personally. How many people are in your “in” group? How many are “out?” Amazing statistic, isn’t it! 

It is time to ascend this limited consciousness of Love. This column and  is devoted to helping all mankind rise to the consciousness of a LoveMaster where there is only “in” - where our love is so wide it embraces all beings.

This is not naive thinking, any more than the movement to “grant” (or more accurately, “recognize”) women having the right to vote was naive. Or to thinking the ascension of thought to the simple justice of equality between blacks and whites in America was naive. Love pushes us higher. 

Love is not only healing, but practical. For example, when began offering the workshop, “Becoming a LoveMaster”, did this mean that those who took the workshop would be LoveMasters and those who didn’t would not? Would we be creating another “in” and “out?” 

Love embraces infinite humanity and can do no less. So we welcome participants to our workshop as already being LoveMasters. We are all LoveMasters in training — all at different stages of ascending in Love. And we are ascending. Some are ascending by choice and Light. Others are ascending through resistance and darkness. It’s not always a pretty picture. But love is the only answer - because Love is the Principle guiding our hearts at our truest level of integrity and purpose. Ultimately, we have no choice but ascending. So why wait? 

The all-inclusive love of a Love-Master reaches deep into today’s struggling hearts. Most of us are moving through great disassociation - jobs changing, relationships changing, organizations changing — all at enormous and often painful speed. How do we find stability, peace, spirituality, and comfort in such a swirl pool of change? 

The most powerful way to end pain is to express the nature of Love’s all inclusiveness. Think about it. All-inclusiveness would end children’s tears of feeling left out, end the anguish of rejection, bring forth smiles, and encourage a greater sense of self-worth. Our alignment with Love and living our inherent spirituality leaves no option but to open our hearts wide to love, and that means loving everyone — stranger, friend, or even the illusion of a foe. 

The eternal law of oneness is the great insight. If Love is the reality, then Love’s presence is everywhere all the time. Even where we think we are - or are not - Love is there too. Love is you. Love is them. Love is us. It’s all Love. This means that their good is also your good. Their sorrow is also yours. Their joy is also yours. We therefore have a great interest in what appears to be outside of ourselves. Is there really an outside to Love? 

There is no real “over there” to infinite Love. There is nothing to divide infinity — nothing to divide us. We are one. As we come to this realization, we find our hearts becoming more tender, our spirit to be more loving and gentle, and our desire to be more “for them”. 

Does this mean we lose our individuality and all melt into one whole? Absolutely not. If we love the flower, we aren’t in danger of becoming the flower. So it is with each other. Within all Love exists infinite, unique individuality. We (you) will never be repeated. We exist forever. Eternity is within us. Our response to everything in life may sometimes appear to be similar to another, but even in our inter-dependence, no one can be replaced - ever. Can a three be replaced? Can a color? Can a musical note? Impossible! 

If we can help you to become more of who you are, then we get to see more of Love through you. If you love another, then you see more of Love through that person. We find great peace by coming home, in our inner hearts, to divine Love. We are all ascending in love — as a family of mankind. We need to comfort each other, embrace each other, honor each other, help each other, smile at each other, talk to each other, listen to each other, and empower each other. That’s what love is and does. That’s what a Love-Master thinks, breathes, and lives. That’s the real you - and us. Welcome to the heart of Love! 

Scott and Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all mankind into the heart of Love. This article is based on their weekend workshop “Becoming a LoveMaster” and their 6-cassette audio course, “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” They are also co-authors of Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself. Shannon has been a spiritual healer for 20 years and Scott is also the author of The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love. The Pecks are popular speakers and media guests. For information, please visit  or call (800) 266-1525.

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