Filling Up Before Flowing Out . . . 
A New twist on The Spiritual Life 
Bill Jason O’Mara 



Over the past months, I have discovered a deeper meaning of the word “presence”. The idea of each of us being a precious present to each other…. not because of what we do but because of who we are… because we are LOVE. Our life work then, when we are not basking in our divine beingness, is only an extension of this gift of love — a giving out of what is within, so to speak, so we each benefit - as we do in mastermind, soul circles and other loving support groups. 

One of my great teachers once told me, “I have come not to teach you but to love you, it is the love itself that will teach you”. So I think about these things: each of us truly matters; our presence matters; loving each other matters. I think we need each other so each of us can continue forward in our earthwalk. And, though I believe that this gift of presence grows as it is given, paradoxically the giving is proceeded by an openness to receive the present first. It’s like my spirit guide George in The Godspell Solution telling me that loving ourselves first is necessary so we can love others. When I have worked with children I am always touched with how difficult it is for them to receive love as they advance in years. What are we teaching each other about giving and receiving? 

This is why this “presence” idea makes sense to me. I was one of these “feeling not good enough” children not knowing how to fill up. And today as an adult, I have to continue to open those places in me so I can receive from me, from others, from the universe — so I can give. Now more than ever I must acknowledge that I am good enough, that each gift of presence received magnifies love in the world — I acknowledge that my full heart naturally loves to give.

 Let us each be filled! It is with this fullness, from this place of love in me that I invite you to BREAKTHROUGH. To decide today to live a life experience that is a gift to you and humanity — to continually fill and renew the divine Self, so that our presence serves each other and the planet. This path of filling means maintaining five core adherences (below). The reward of these adherences is that we open — open to love, life, dance, play, fun, vision, letting go, and stepping into our collective destiny . . . to creating a life of splendiferous utopic nirvana . . . All it takes is a dream and a willingness to receive. So, do say yes to receiving this gift and let your light of giving shine . . . Now is the time to embrace our precious presence!

 1) Create 12 spiritual guidelines (personal philosophy) as a foundation to your life. Sacred guidelines act like the banks of a river. They gently guide our energy in the direction of God. They remind us when we forget. Example “Infinite Patience creates immediate results” “I am God” Post on the Wall and reflect deeply on them. Live them.
 2) Practice Grace as a key pathway to happiness. 
When dealing with any emotion or disturbance. 1) Pause. Breathe. Accept what is occurring. Do nothing to react. 1b) Identify where the sensation is in your body. Put your hand there and breathe, relax, feel, watch, and allow. Simply witness and inquire (ask the sensation in your body) “What is the story here?” Listen. Love the parts that hurt. 2) Ask God for grace, for a miracle, to see the story for what it is. Then, with God, simply drop, release, and let go of the story once and for all (and the disturbing energy) that is creating the disturbance. Pause and receive the miracle. Say, “Thank you, God”. 3) Affirm out loud — “I am one with God” “I am love” 
3) Live life with maximum energy. Some ways to do this are: 
- Simplicity & moderation in all things (Be silent, reduce scatter and disturbance, get rid of anything unnecessary. Excess clogs our energy connection to the divine) 
- Balance (work & play. Inhale & exhale. Ying & yang) 
- Gratitude (count the many blessings, give thanks, and offer blessings in return) 
- Conscious eating / Deep breathing / Appropriate diet / Silence / Movement (The body is the temple of spirit, nurture it, listen to it.) 
- Reverence and awe for all things you do, all people, all beings (Be compassionate & gracious to all beings. Love you!)
- 100% Acceptance of all. Drop all the grievances with self, others, the government, etc…. 
4) Daily practice of Sadhana. Daily commitment to an hour or more practice helps bring our life philosophy to life. Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Nature, Self Love, Energization, Service to others, Intentional Creation, Play…Play…Play! 
5) Participate in weekly spiritual groups. Stay connected. Be Inspired.
MasterMinds, Soul Circles, community spiritual gatherings, help us stay in the light of love with like hearted souls. 

Bill Jason O’Mara (MS, PhDc) is one of our nation’s most gifted mystical teachers. He has extensive experience in business and metaphysics and has been influenced by Kripalu Yoga, Native American Shamanism, Reiki, NLP, A Course in Miracles, and much more. Today, Bill is a business consultant, author, and urban shaman residing in Encinitas, California. His book The Godspell Solution is considered to be a modern day spiritual classic. See web:  for information, calendar of events, & workshops or call (760) 633-3126.

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